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  1. kenseiden

    Homebrew Retroarch just got a lot better!

    Coincidentally enough, I was giving the latest nightlies (2021-09-08) a test run on the o2DS, and I didn’t encounter any bottom screen-related crashes when it went black. Was mostly testing Slow Mole on QuickNES and some random Master System games on Genesis Plus GX, for the record.
  2. kenseiden

    Homebrew [Release] PicoDrive for 3DS

    I don't think Picodrive for 3DS has FM audio support. If I remember correctly, the Genesis Plus GX Retroarch core is the only way to play Sega Master System games with FM audio support on 3DS.
  3. kenseiden

    Homebrew Unofficial 3DS RetroArch builds

    I think you also need to have the core info files installed in the Retroarch directory. I had the same problem a while back until I added the core info files.
  4. kenseiden

    Homebrew [homebrew] edpJoy3DS

    The creator of this app hasn't been on GBATemp since about mid-2018, so further updates are not likely to happen anytime soon.
  5. kenseiden

    Homebrew N3DS XL dying while turned off is it CFW related or just age?

    I don’t know if you’ll be as lucky as I was, but I actually picked up a couple new OEM 3DS XL batteries from ebay recently, so you could try looking on there as well.
  6. kenseiden

    Homebrew Unofficial 3DS RetroArch builds

    Fullspeed 32X Virtua Racing in Picodrive on a New 3DS with the latest nightlies, Nice.
  7. kenseiden

    Homebrew Help with Hiya CFW problem.

    EDIT: Oh wait, never mind. This might be a separate issue completely. (Distracted posting; I should read it better next time.) How big is your SD card? If I recall correctly, HiyaCFW won’t be able to boot directly from power on if the SD card is bigger than 2 GB. The only way to boot into...
  8. kenseiden

    Homebrew Super Mario 64 Port

    Yes, it is compatible across all versions. I transferred my sm64_save_file.bin from my N2DSXL to the PC version and the progress carried over.
  9. kenseiden

    Homebrew Unofficial 3DS RetroArch builds

    Ah, from my experience, I've had a more consistent arcade experience with the FBA cores. MAME 2000 and 2003/2003 Plus are broken in their own little ways to the point where I end up avoiding using them altogether on the 3DS. FBA 2012 and FBNeo work wonderfully as long as you have the correct rom...
  10. kenseiden

    Homebrew Unofficial 3DS RetroArch builds

    It really depends on the core. Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and the 8-bit cores (NES, Master System, Game Gear, Game Boy) will all run fine on a New 3DS. SNES 2002 is more likely to run most games at or near full speed, exceptions being the special chip games (Star Fox, Yoshi’s Island). SNES 2005...
  11. kenseiden

    Homebrew Unofficial 3DS RetroArch builds

    New experimental PCSX core is crashing upon loading content for me. I can start the core and load content, but upon loading I get the Arm11 exception screen. I've attached my crash dump (hehehe, dump) to the post just in case it helps.
  12. kenseiden

    Homebrew [Release] OpenBOR for 3DS

    In my experience, the bigger memory-hungry PAKs usually crash the 3DS, so sticking with smaller PAKs or lite versions is for the best on the 3DS.
  13. kenseiden

    Homebrew Unofficial 3DS RetroArch builds

    That is good to hear! It’s nice knowing that gpSP is running fullspeed on the New 3DS models, but warp speed? Not quite what I was expecting, haha. QUICK EDIT: While I have your attention, I just wanted to bring up a crash I’ve been experiencing in gpSP. It happens when I load up three games in...
  14. kenseiden

    Homebrew Unofficial 3DS RetroArch builds

    In the process of testing the CIA versions on New 3DS and N2DSXL. Nestopia has audio but no video when Threaded Video is enabled. Mega Turrican on Genesis Plus GX is running spectacularly. It is one of the most demanding Genesis/MD games, but I haven’t seen it dip below 59 FPS in my testing so...
  15. kenseiden

    Homebrew [Release] PicoDrive for 3DS

    CHD files are not supported in Picodrive for 3DS.
  16. kenseiden

    Homebrew Retroarch Emulation Thread (Nightly Builds Included)

    SNES9x 2002 is based on an earlier version of SNES9x that’s not as accurate as the 2010 version, but also runs faster because of that. 2010 core won’t ever run fullspeed on a New 3DS as far as I know.
  17. kenseiden

    Homebrew TWiLight Menu++ not recognizing DSiware

    What format is your DSiWare in? For example, is it .nds, .cia,, or .app?
  18. kenseiden

    Homebrew [Release] OpenHCL 3DS (Hydra Castle Labyrinth port)

    Finally got a chance to sit down and test this across three 3DS systems (N3DSXL, 2DSXL, and 2DS). Glad to see that it runs equally well across all 3DS models. :) 3D effect is done really well too, although IMO the 3D effect is too strong at max settings. Just my personal opinion, though; your...
  19. kenseiden

    Homebrew PicoDrive TWL - SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive emulator for Nintendo DS(i)

    If you're using the latest version of Twilight Menu, PicodriveTWL is already integrated into it. All you have to do is make sure your Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games are on your SD card and have the .gen extension (example: Sonic.gen). Select your game in the Twilight Menu browser and it should...
  20. kenseiden

    Homebrew Retroarch Emulation Thread (Nightly Builds Included)

    If I remember correctly, one of the things you can do to speed up the loading process is delete the info files in the retroarch/cores/info subdirectory for the cores that you don’t need/use.
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