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  1. Tatter

    Hardware Battery Options for Modded Game Boy Color?

    Hey Everyone! I Modded my Game Boy Color with the IPS LCD Screen and the Retrosix clean amp. Just curious to see if anyone has had experience with how long rechargeable batteries last for other people with these mods. I see most rechargeable double A's are 1.2 volts and my regular alkaline...
  2. Tatter

    Hardware Funnyplaying IPS

    i got mine from Retro Modding. Shipped it to me in 1 week from Canada. I can get you a $5 off coupon if you want it. Mine last like 4 hours with standard double AA's. I am looking into some rechargeable batteries.
  3. Tatter

    Hacking EZ Flash Jr Won't create Saves or Savestates

    lol yeah I figured it out with playing Crystal and trying out different combos of yes/no on the saving menu. I thought the EZ flash would create a savestate so I could come back to the same spot each time on games that do not normally save, this way i didn't have to write down passwords or beat...
  4. Tatter

    Hacking EZ Flash Jr Won't create Saves or Savestates

    i used the current downloads from the website. the ezgb.dat file and i updated to firmware 4. I also have a new development. The gave will create a savestate (.sav) file for my Pokemon Crystal rom, but not for my Alladin, Castlevania II, Croc 2, or Super Mario Land roms. Whenever i...
  5. Tatter

    Hacking EZ Flash Jr Won't create Saves or Savestates

    Hello, I seem to have the an issue with my EZ Flash Jr not saving. I just received this yesterday and I used 2 different SanDisk micro SD's to test. A 16 and 32 gb both formatted to FAT 32 with 32kb clusters. Both load my roms just fine but when I reset using the button or reset the power, the...
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