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  1. dewgong

    Gaming DSTWO and Pokemon

    Hi, guys. I don't know where to post this but I was playing Pokemon Black on my DSTWO up until 4th Gym with no problems. Then all of a sudden I noticed I wasn't gaining any experience at all. I'm trying to play through Pokemon White now to see if it stops gaining experience at some point.
  2. dewgong

    Hacking Acekard 2 died on me

    Hey everybody, so yesterday I turned on my DS Lite and found that the Acekard 2 has probably died on me. When I got past the safety warning screen, I'm prompt to choose between DS, Pictochat, blah blah, and GBA, but the DS slot had no text or icon, but I can still select it. So I selected it...
  3. dewgong

    Hacking changing the language

    i have a simplified chinese R4 and i really want to patch it to english is there a program that lets me patch 1.14? if so please post it here I dont know if this has been posted a million times but thx in advance
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