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  1. C.S.I.

    Hacking Memory Full after installing new WADs + Priiloader Update

    Tried to install today World of Goo, and Pokemon Rumble. (and update Priiloader from 0.2 or 0.3 to 0.4) Its an otherwise Stock'ish 4.2E Wii, updated to 4.2 by Ninti, then Hacked by the CSG. Updated Priiloader 1st, then rebooted, all good. The proceeded to use MMM to install the 2 x WADS...
  2. C.S.I.

    Hacking Sneek - Wont work for me.

    Hi All, Followed the Sneek install guide within the Complete Softmod guide here: I completed ALL the required operations, but just get a blank screen, and TV says 'No Input' when I launch bootmi from either Priiloader, or HBC. System is...
  3. C.S.I.

    Gaming New Super Mario Bros. Save Game anyone

    Hi All, Not sure this is the right spot, can anyone upload a save game of the above, that I can import into my sofmodded Wii for my kids birthday. He has maxed the game on a girlfriends system, but there no way to get it (the save file) off. (Hers isnt modded). Is there ?? Its a PAL Version...
  4. C.S.I.

    Hacking Deleted all STUBS during Hacking V4.2E

    Hi all, whilst modifying my Wii (V4.2E), I intentionally ( but maybe stupidly) deleted ALL stub IOS's on the machine. (Figured they were all pointless) I am wondering now if I should have only removed the 202, 222,223, 249, and 250. Have i harmed the Wii, and if so, any way to get whats needed...
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