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  1. wakawaka

    Gaming Updated list of small install size ps4 games (<10gb)

    Am looking for list of updated (up to 2019 or 2020 release) ps4 games that have a small install size 10gb or less. Also if anyone has played any small size ps4 games and enjoyed it... Please recommend it here.. For all to try out. Thanks,
  2. wakawaka

    Hardware wii dvd load/eject mechanism

    my wii has stopped loading/ejecting dvd. have dismantled it and notice there is no loading mechanism spinning on power on/off. feeding a dvd into the mouth does does not load dvd. Pressing the eject button does nothing either, no movement. I have checked the two fuses on the dvd pcb...
  3. wakawaka

    Gaming Emulators on DS Lite ?

    I have a DS Lite with R4 card and am happy with it. Can the DS Lite run any emulators for other systems (NES/SNES/GBA/Atari 2600/Neo Geo/MAME/or others) ? What do I need to run these ?
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