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  1. RagnarokSam

    ROM Hack Animal Crossing New Horizons Item Spawning Tool

    I've seen the bluish-purple pixel in the upper left corner for several releases now, but only now that I know there was a hidden easter egg, did I try clicking and holding the left click button on it... Memory of the Lost starts playing!! O_O
  2. RagnarokSam

    ROM Hack Super Mario Advance 4 - All Unreleased e-Reader Cards Translated!!

    Very nice! I think it might be time to dig my e-Reader out of the closet and give these a try!
  3. RagnarokSam

    Gaming The Jackbox Party Pack 3 coming to Switch

    The Jackbox Party Pack series is a collection of party and trivia games made by the same same development studio who made the "You Don't Know Jack" trivia series for PC and PS1 in the late 90's / early 2000's. The majority of the games have users use their mobile device (or any device with a web...
  4. RagnarokSam

    Hardware Announcing the amiiqo - Switch amiibo's with ease!

    Well, I just bought the 1st edition Amiiqo from I'm looking forward to it's arrival! :D
  5. RagnarokSam

    ROM Hack New powersaves 3ds thread

    It appears my 2nd email did the trick. Check the SSB 3DS codes again. :D
  6. RagnarokSam

    ROM Hack New powersaves 3ds thread

    Dunno, but I sent another code request just now: "I sent a request almost 2 weeks ago, but never received any type of response. I am again requesting for the badge codes that EU currently has (brawn, protection, and agility) to be available for the US. We already have the folder they belong in...
  7. RagnarokSam

    ROM Hack New powersaves 3ds thread

    Yeah, i also emailed Datel regarding the US getting the smash badge codes as well, but no response for almost 2 weeks now...
  8. RagnarokSam

    Wii #XXXX - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (USA)

    as long as the save is for the id SOUE01, you'll be fine.
  9. RagnarokSam

    Gaming Kirby!

    Sorry guys, I didn't realize It was a fake when I posted the name, hopefully a real one appears soon. :)
  10. RagnarokSam

    Gaming Kirby!

    alright, filename it is then... Kirbys Return to Dream Land [Wii][NTSC][Scrubbed]-TLS
  11. RagnarokSam

    Gaming Kirby!

    you'd be surprised how effective adding "ntsc" to a search engine query can be.
  12. RagnarokSam

    Gaming Kirby!

    I'm going to be disappointed if I have to wait until after I get out of work tomorrow to play this. No where to be found :(
  13. RagnarokSam

    Super Bat Puncher (NES homebrew)

    This looks really impressive.
  14. RagnarokSam thread

    Thread title says it all. LETS SEE THEM!
  15. RagnarokSam

    What is the worst song you've heard?
  16. RagnarokSam

    Comment by 'RagnarokSam' in 'What is the worst song you've heard?'
  17. RagnarokSam

    My Mom Just Died

    as someone who very rarely posts, but watches this forum every day, i feel compelled to express my sympathy. I'm sorry for your loss, and i know what it's like... My mother died when i was 12 of cancer, and my foster mother who cared for me after just recently died, also of cancer. It's a...
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