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  1. techker

    Hacking games fail to install

    Hey guys im using the loadiine exploit to install my games to usb drive. i installed a few but on some games i get the failed not a game,title ,dlc or update error. i used usb helper to download games insert it in my SD /install/game_1,game_1_dlc and game_1_update so i go to loadiine...
  2. techker

    NES classic with Hakchi debug

    Hey guys I have a few NES systems from my friends and they are the versions that do not load games.Hakchi2 does not seem to load the games correctly or it is blocked.. so I searched and found the debug version of the 2.11 loaded it up and at first seemed odd cause it repeated the steps a few...
  3. techker

    Hacking what im doing wrong?

    Hey guys, i started to test the wup installer to USB stick but i ofthen get errors like either the game installs but does not show on the wiiu? or it's there but i get an error when loading the games says failed to download update. i download my games Via uTikdownloaderhelper download the...
  4. techker

    Hacking wii shop channel

    Hey guys my body gave me his wii to update it hasnt been updated in a long i downloaded modwii and fallowed the steps to update and update the mods.. so i also checked to update the shop channel but i still get the need to perform a wii system update.. 4.3.. is there a new...
  5. techker

    Hacking no icon in menu

    hey guys even if you have the lates version in the cart..will it show an icon in the ds menu even if it not compatible? v6.0.1 r4 rts.
  6. techker

    Hacking 3DS Xl and 3DSi xl cards..

    Hey guys i ordered 2 r4 -3ds RTS it works in my 3dsi xl but in the 3ds xl it does not? is there diffrent firmware for this one? i have the latest in it from 3ds xl version 4.3.0-10u 3ds i xl 1.4.2.u
  7. techker

    Hacking confused on 3ds ..

    Hey guys i got an R4i 3ds card but i read that i can only ply regular nds games ..that there is no fix for playing 3ds roms yet? is this true?
  8. techker

    Hacking R4i 3ds games

    hey guys my son has the card R4i 3DS and a R4i 1.45 for his nds(XL-Reg) so we got him a 3DS Xl for x-mas and i was looking on the sites for r4 and they not to i din't connect it to the wi-fi yet. i loaded the card with the latest firmware 1.64 from (the r4i 3ds card)...
  9. techker

    Hacking R4i Pokemon black or white 2?

    hey guys i up graded the card to the 1.6 firmware.i had 1.4 before and tried the patched version and the real version with no success.. =-5 error... i have the R4i wi-fi with 1.42 marked on it..
  10. techker

    Hacking r4i dsi..

    Hey guys so im reading in this forum and there is many confusing so if i already have the dsi xl on 1.4.3u what can i do?r4i wi-fi original.
  11. techker

    Hardware wii intec guitar

    Hey guys i got an intec guitar rock icon and i was wondering what game i can play with it?? cause rock band don't work and guitar hero 5 neither?? it says plug in usb logitec mic or device not compatible with game
  12. techker

    Hacking skip to games?

    Hey guys i got the r4i shdc for my son's dsi xl but before we had the dsi with a dstt.. now the dstt is super user friendly..opens loads games.. the r4i you but it in the menu then 3 icons(useless)click an icon games... is it possible to have a ttmenu to load direct in the games??
  13. techker

    Hacking PC Based Games Engine

    hey guys i can't seem to find the B. PC Based Games Engine Installation Guide 1. You need to install the PC based Games-Engines software. The installer can be downloading from the or The installation file was “setup_games_engine_V1.1” any body have a link
  14. techker

    Hacking DSI XL

    Hey guy want to get my son a new DSI xl and he already had a ds with a TT card would the TT work on the DSI XL? or what is the best recommended for it? thx
  15. techker

    Hacking Transformers Dark of the Moon Stealth Force

    hey guys i get a black screen with this game on my usbloader gx?is there any known error and fix for this game?
  16. techker

    Hacking need to fix priiloader.....

    Hey guys, going nuts here!! i installed the updates for 4.3u on a wii that was updated by mistake.. so i did it all wiihacks guide.. but now i think idid a mistake by installing the part were you install the atched version of 4.1u.. anyways so i got it ging but priiloader is not loading...
  17. techker

    Hacking DSTT updates?

    Hey guys my son has this dstt and i try to download new games and it does not load them at all.. like now rango errcode=-6.. is there an update for this?or fix? NDS lite tryed to do the current upgrade 1.4.1 but get a with blank screen..
  18. techker

    Hacking Blocked sd?

    Hey guys I have a wii here 4.3u Im trying to mod it but jt sedms like everything I do it doss not respond? I have tryed smash aith no success and now jones..... I think the sd slot is blocked? Format fat 32 .. It always says the device in the sd slot cannot be used... I tryed 4 ,cards Sd...
  19. techker

    Hacking smash b exploit..

    hey guys the video store did not have the regular game i take for modding the i toke the smash brawl.. i tryed it all..i can't seem to get the exploit started.. deleted all the custom boards..played abit for save when out to main back in ..stage builder..nothing happens..
  20. techker

    Hacking 4.3 usb loader issue.

    Hey guys so i did a 4.3U recently and they had issue's loading some i updated the mod with the latest version i found.. the 249 seemed to be i fixed it wit wawinko's cios v20 now the loader works but still some games don't load..freeze black i tried it on my...
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