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    Hacking Sigpatch strange problem

    Ok today I found a strange problem and I think it’s a sigpatch problem. I setup a switch for someone without a emunand, this guy want it the more simple way if he want to change or use multiple sd. The switch is on 10.0.4, my file came from sd setup And I have allready used them before so I know...
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    Hardware Power button issue

    Hi, I have a big problem with my personnal switch. I mod this switch about a year ago with a trinket, everything where fine. One day I start do have problem with the power button, have to push it hard or try a lot of time to make it work. I have order the part, so today I decided to change it...
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    Hacking esp 4.74

    Hi, I'm tring to find some .bin to put on a esp for a 4.74 jailbreak, some one know if its exist allready ?
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    Hacking error 2101-0001

    Hi, someone bring me back a switch that I have install a trinket M0, the problem is that when it boot it give a 2101-0001 error, whebn you press power its reboot in loop, need to hold the power bouton. Desolder the trinket same result, when I plug the psu the system don't go on same on...
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    Hacking New in 2.1 no nand backup

    hi, someone bring me a new 3ds in 2.1, the guy try to put a cfw a while ago but he have not do a nand backup. Non I can not connect the 3ds to my wifi. I have acces to a most hack on 3ds, ntrnoot, hardmod, cubic. At first I was thinking of launching decrypt9 throught ntrboothax to a backup in...
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    Hacking Restore sysnand twlp and twln

    Hi, I m trying to recover a 3ds from a brick, the system when I got it have a bad nand, with no sysnand twln(p). I have install boot9strap with ntrboothax, do a 9.2 ctr tranfert, then update it in 11.5 but nothing do to restore does partitions. The problem is does partition touch dsiware and...
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