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  1. trigao

    Is this a real cartridge? Pokemon fire red

    Hi guys i just would like to know if this game i bought is real or not Some sources says theat real one have copyright sign instead of this I sign Thanks
  2. trigao

    Homebrew Question Saves delete homebrew??

    Is there any homebrew to DELETE save games??? Ive tried with checkpoint but it only have backup and restore functions I dont want to delete one by one in settings =\
  3. trigao

    Gaming goat simulator problem?

    hi guys.... i just downloaded goat simulator and it doesnt work... installed via nsp installer of sx os, sx installer and golden leaf, installed in nand and sd card.... the game opens normally but when i choose any of "cities" its keeping loading forever and freezes anyone with the same problem?
  4. trigao

    Gaming Santa and 8bit Mario outfit not in the game

    hi guys... i just realize my game doesnt have this 2 new outfits, i do have 1.2.0 update, i do finished the game even darker dark side and the newer clothes avaiable are Conductor Outfit and Spewart outfit =/ anyone with same problem?
  5. trigao

    Homebrew no$GBA 2.9b save converter?? im going nuts for real

    man, im going nuts... i spend almost a day playing final fantasy tactics A2 on this damn emulator and i cant find a solution to convert my save to a format that my supercard can read i already tested with convert, but for whats seems, the 2.9b have different headers for...
  6. trigao

    Gaming GTA V freezes and back to normal, possible causes

    Hi guys, for a couple days i've experienced some problems with my gta v Last week its playing just fine, but not anymore Open just fine, starts play just fine, but sometimes freezes for about 1-3 sec and back to normal I Suspected the temps Cpu while play - 60~65C Cpu package - 45 ~50 Gpu -...
  7. trigao

    Hardware Joycon durability??

    Hi guys, im concerned about a thing Despite i think the joycon is well builted and solid, the buttons imo arent, i mean, its just a tactil button like gba sp I very worried about its durability using in heavy duty games like bayonetta ,mashing in megaman x collection or even hyrule warriors I...
  8. trigao

    retroarch overlay doesnt fit snes mini???

    hi guys, i just bought a snes mini, soo much fun!, anyway installed hakchi and retroarch, everything working normally retroarch is a piece of art, but the overlay doesnt fit quite right in the games... i really want to use overlay just like normal games how can i get this? is there i default...
  9. trigao

    Hacking Gunman clive HD and Dr luigi Problem??

    Hi guys, i really dont know what can be wrong I just downloaded a bunch of games in wiiu usb helper (with a workaround of course) And these 2 simply freeze my wiiu Gunman freezes in splash screen Dr luigi gives me black screen when the game starts I move to internal memory but doesnt work either...
  10. trigao

    Hardware bad bluetooh module or faulty motherboard

    guys, this thing is drive me crazy,.... in less than 1 year i have to swap my bluetooth module 3 times... obviously i bought from different vendors, but still im starting to think is my wii fault, maybe a motherboard problem, maybe a psu problem.... i have 3 more wii in stand by, maybe i test it...
  11. trigao

    GCN Gamecube power supply question - 50hz in 60hz

    Hi guys Today i get a gc power supply from uk which is 230v~50hz for my ntsc gamecube I was using the usa ntsc psu that came with it with a tranformer, because here in brazil we use 220v~60hz, and the old psu is 110v I've tested my gc with the new psu and is working fine But.... Can i have...
  12. trigao

    Hardware Worth upgrade?

    Hi guys, last week i bought a 2 in 1 laptop Pretty simple Celeron n3050 1.6 -2.1 4gb ram ddr3 1600mhz 500gb 11.6 For me its perfect for work and study But ive thinking about put 8gb of ram, saddly it only has 1 slot, so dual channel, no way Worth put 8gb in this machine?? Thx in advance
  13. trigao

    Hacking Pkm Colosseum / XD, problem with cheats

    Hi guys! Today i downloaded pkm colosseum and XD for use with nintendont + usb loader gx It work flawless as expected, but, when i turn on the cheats, the game gives me black screen and i must hard reset my wii The strange is, its the only games thats occours, EVERY other game plays just fine...
  14. trigao

    Hacking Bayonetta 2 Freezes on splash screen after TCPGeko

    hi guys, i'm trying get to work with tcpgecko loaded the latest version, and every time freezes and dont pass the splash screen seems like bayonetta dont like to play with tcpgecko i just want add some halos in my game =/ have anyone tryed/experiencied this?
  15. trigao

    Hardware Editing pictures from Amiibo .bin files??

    hi guys... i'm using my Amiiqo with some amiibo .bin files a downloaded from nfc bank site but some of them doesnt show the picture correctly, shows only a blank pic there is some way to edit this files to put the correct picture?
  16. trigao

    Homebrew Extract Seed, Titlekey from a game??

    hi guys i noticed the newest harvest moon game doesnt appear in freeshop, afiak neither in 3dstitlekey site i was wondering, how can i help to put this game in this list? i mean, how can i extract the files? its only possible with legitime bought games from eshop or with a cia i can it too? i...
  17. trigao

    Hacking Nintendo maintenance tomorrow!!!??

    should we be worried about new update?? since the latest fw is 5.5.1, was release in 11th january ninty wasnt care about loadiine because lack of online capabilities now the scenario is different....
  18. trigao

    Hacking Splatoon problem??? error 118-0513

    hi guys recently, as most of wiiu user, i installed the splatoon through modified installer and stuff.. so far i've put mario maker and splatoon, other games i dont bother to continue with loadiine btw, mario maker works wonderfully well, even online but im experiencing a problem with splatoon...
  19. trigao

    GB USB SMART CARD + Transferpak + ED64 enhanced 2016!!!

    so, since i havent found any solid information about this (i could have missed/misread/not searched well too) i decide to test myself the veredic is: ITS WORKS... so far i've tested with pokemon stadium 1 and 2 + pkm yellow rom, registering pokemon and gb tower later i will test with GSC games...
  20. trigao

    GCN GC lens problem or what?

    hi guys! i think my lens gone die or something like that i've burn a lot of mini dvds from kodak and emtec (i do know are s** brands, but its my only option here unfortunately) some of them work good enough to play through no problem, like zelda and mario other doesnt run at all and selected...
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