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    Homebrew To get Wii U and Wii/GC injects on 1 external HD, does it need to be FAT32 or can it be Wii U format

    I've been having an issue for a while now where my Wii U and Wii backups (injects) work on ONE hard drive, but my GameCube injects do not. I've been using TeconMoon's inject tool. They install to my external HD but Nintendont loads and says "No FAT device found." My external HD is currently...
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    Homebrew Using injection tool, Wii backups work but not GC. Nintendont says "No FAT device found"

    I modded my Wii U recently (as well as vWii) and have been using TeconMoon's Injection tool to create injections for the Wii U. I've done all the steps properly and installed them from the SD card to the external HDD through WUP Installer G2X and they show up on the Wii U home screen. The thing...
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