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  1. TheTepig

    Hacking Quick Question about backups.

    Hello! Thanks for reading this, I promise to make it quick. So, my friend let my borrow his Majoras Mask 3d game, and using decrypt9 I made a backup of the game, now my question is, is this copy that was backed up legit with decrypt9 a real copy of the game? I don't want to pirate the game, and...
  2. TheTepig

    Hardware Alright, want to make sure this will work out

    Hello GBATEMP I have a question, I have an MSI gt680r with a GTX 460M installed in it, now the 460m is pretty old as of now, so I have trouble running games on it. So I want to upgrade to the gtx 770m and put that in my GT680r laptop, my questions are, what would I have to modify for drivers...
  3. TheTepig

    Hardware MSI GT680R Graphic upgrade

    Hello! I know this might be a nooby question , but I have a MSI GT680R with a GTX 460m and I want to upgrade it to this...
  4. TheTepig

    Hardware A quick question

    Hey everyone! I have a small question, I want to upgrade my MSI gt680r to have a gtx 650m (or equivalent) in it, right now it has the gtx 460m, what do I need to do to get the gtx 650m to work in my computer? Is it possible to do this? Thank you! -Warrior
  5. TheTepig

    ROM Hack [WIP] Pokemon Delta Emerald!

    Hey everyone! I have just started work on a Rom hack called Pokemon Delta Emerald! I really need a team of people whom have done omega/alpha hacking! The Spots that I need are: Text hacker Graphics (Such as characters) hacker Title Screen/ Delta Episode Hacker Story Hacker and music hacker...
  6. TheTepig

    ROM Hack Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Music Hacking so far!

    Hey Everyone! I have been working on a project of hacking and injecting music into pokemon Alpha sapphire/Omega Ruby! And so far I have changed wild pokemon music and sounds of battle. If you want to try and mess around with it you need *A BCSTM to WAV coverter. *Your romfs *A 3ds with hax 2.5...
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