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  1. Archerg

    Hacking Homebrew app [Request] Adhoc Save Transfer

    Hey there, please feel free to move this if not allowed, but my technical skills on making homebrew is slim to none, and would it hurt to request or show an idea of a simple save game transfer tool over adhoc? This would be able to work with the ps tv and ps Vita as well to save time. Normally...
  2. Archerg

    Hacking Questions about Adrenaline Save Files

    Hi there, please feel free to move this if necessary. I was simply wondering how Adrenaline was able to read and understand that the psp files and saves were now located within a different location on the vita as opposed to the native psp structure. Normally the psp save location would be...
  3. Archerg

    Hardware PARTNER-CTR-CAPTURE DS Compatibility

    Hi there, I was simply wondering if the Partner ctr capture device was simply a stripped down 3ds or if it was a full system with it's ds compatibility and the ability to play retail carts. I've tried looking on the developer portal but cannot find anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Archerg

    Is-Nitro-Capture for sale (UK)

    Hi there! If this isn't the right forum to ask, please feel free to either remove it or point me in the direction of the correct location. I see the IS-NITRO-CAPTURE boxes pop up very infrequently on ebay, but it's been quite a while now since that happened. Is there anyone who owns one in the...
  5. Archerg

    Hacking Wii U USB Games on Home Screen

    Hi, I sincerely apologize for this post if it seems ignorant, but I am completely new to Wii U homebrew (but have homebrewed other systems before, so I'm no stranger to cfw), and every post is pulling me every which way, and I need some or any help on this. I've followed the guide on how to...
  6. Archerg

    Homebrew An Exception has Occured Arm9

    Hi, I've seemed to hit a brick wall and don't know what else to do. Recently I imported a snazzy Japanese kingdom hearts o3ds and ctrtransfered my region from JPN to US. now when I try to boot up some US games I downloaded, I'm greeted with a message saying an exception has occurred and the...
  7. Archerg

    Homebrew 3DS IR Sensor as GameCube Controller

    OK, before this gets knocked down, hear me out. The GBA has always been a reliable controller and counterpart to the game, since the d-pad is so much better than the GC controllers, and there are other ways to get around that as well. But if the 3ds has a low range IR sensor and you could...
  8. Archerg

    ROM Hack 3ds LL Super Famicom Theme

    Hi, I understand if this is in the wrong thread, and feel free to move me, but I'm a hardcore Super Famicom fan, and recently I got a hold of a new 3ds system. Unfortunately i'm unable to obtain the theme released with the limited edition console, and I saw previously that a user @Traiver...
  9. Archerg

    Homebrew .NDS Download Play Fail

    Hello, Hopefully I am posting in the correct thread here, and if not, feel free to move me. So I recently hacked my new 3ds, and am running all software up to date, luma 3ds at the best version, ect. Lately, I've been having a better preference for using .nds roms on my sd card rather than...
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