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    Hacking TX releases SX OS v3.0.5 Beta

    Didn't see a post yet, but TX released SXOS 3.0.5 today, fixing the Mario All Stars crash issue! Good day everyone! We are back with another update for SX OS that contains some important compatibility fixes. So, what is new in this release? Full compatibility with Switch Firmware 10.2.0 You...
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    Still cannot post

    Hello again all, It's been two or three weeks now (can't remember lol) but I still cannot post to threads, even threads that I created myself. I can only create a new thread and that's it. Is this normal?
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    Cannot post replies in threads?

    I got an alert saying "Congratulations! Your user account has been promoted to 'newcomer'. You can now enjoy all regular forum features!" But I cannot post replies to any thread. What is wrong?
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    Hacking Gateway card useless?

    I have Gateway red and blue card from a few years ago. Can you still do anything with them or are they useless now?
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    Misc Is 3DS online still working?

    I remember playing online years ago with 3DS. Is Nintendo's online network for 3DS is still active? Or will they shut it down soon?
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    New here, just wanted to say hello to everybody!
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    Hacking Hekate mariko support released?

    i found this in a relatively private discord: anonfiles L3yepaA8o8/hekate_mariko_bin i can't paste the full link because i dont have rights yet is this real? i dont have sx core to test
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    Hello there

    Hello, Long time reader first time I made an account here though! This is my first post ever here, wooo!
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