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  1. Trace_hunter

    Hacking A few questions about the ps4 I just bought

    It's on firmware 6.51 and as I understand 6.72 is exploitable but I want to play The Last of Us Part 2. I'm I right in assuming there's no way to run exploits and be able to play LOU2? Is it worth staying with this lower firmware? I just bought the console to play LOU2 to be honest but I...
  2. Trace_hunter

    Homebrew Replacing cutscenes in a gamecube iso file

    I'm currently playing through Super Mario Sunshine on Dolphin and was thinking the transition from upscaled resolution to whatever original low resolution format the cut scenes are is rather jarring, they look terrible on modern displays. What with the new ports coming out assuming the cuscenes...
  3. Trace_hunter

    Hacking Reinstalling custom firmware

    Sorry if this is a repeat question. I foolishly pulled the harddrive out of my ps3, which had Rebug installed, plugged it into my PC and initialised the disk with Windows (I haven't used my console for years so I'd totally forgotten how to add new games). The console says it wants to reformat...
  4. Trace_hunter

    Homebrew Anyone have any experience with original controllers?

    Just made a quick video to show the problem I'm having with my Mayflash SNES to Wiimote adapter. Does anyone have any experience with using controller adapters? The problem is the adapter works fine with the virtual console but I'm getting skipped button presses and general controller...
  5. Trace_hunter

    Hacking Anyone mind uploading their new super mario bros 2 .sav file?

    In an effort to try and fix my broken gateway card I formatted my sd card without backing up my saves, now I've got a working gateway card I've lost my new super mario bros 2 save file! Would anyone mind uploading theirs for me to use? Preferably if you've finished up to world 8 but haven't...
  6. Trace_hunter

    Hacking Gateway Read Error, Help!

    So I've just been playing some new super mario bros 2, closed the ds during a level to get a coffee, opened it and come back to find the music has stopped playing, exited out of the level and the game has crashed. Restarted my ds, booted into gateway, hit select and it just says 'read error'. I...
  7. Trace_hunter

    Hacking 2ds flash card for 3ds

    I think it's about time I replaced my original phat ds which I bought on launch and is falling to pieces. I've decided not to buy a 3ds flash card as I want to use my 3ds legitimately to get updates, play online etc so I'm deciding on a new original ds flash card as I read my acekard 2i with...
  8. Trace_hunter

    Hacking Corrupt Gamecube memory card

    So I was happily playing through wind waker and one day my memory card decides it won't be read without formatting, thus losing all my hard work. Would it be possible to download a save from somewhere and get it onto my memory card though the homebrew channel or something? Bit of a long shot...
  9. Trace_hunter

    Hacking Wii SD card menu without system menu update?

    I'm currently using system menu 3.2E (no idea why, could have sworn it used to be 4.2) and I'd like to use the SD card menu feature which I think was included in 4.0 but I might be wrong so as I don't have to uninstall and reinstall VC games. Is there anyway to get the menu without updating to...
  10. Trace_hunter

    Hacking Wii freezing using disk backups on Neogamma

    I'm having an issue when loading backups through Neogamma. Games load fine but after about a minute or two the game semi-freezes and I have to turn off the console via the mains (music stops playing, wii remote won't respond but objects are still moving), it kind of sounds like the disk has just...
  11. Trace_hunter

    Gaming Formatting Wii system memory

    I'm selling on a friends wii but I noticed it has games bought from the shop channel, obviously I would like to keep these games when selling but I'd also like to format the console to protect any information that might be on there. How can I save the downloaded games and still format the system...
  12. Trace_hunter

    Hacking Metroid other M - Will this work?

    1. dump iso file from friends retail copy of the game 2. burn iso to a duel layer dvd-r 3. run using neogamma R8 RC1 (which I think is the latest version, it does support duel layer disks) and ios249 (rev 17) does this sound like it would work or am I wasting my time? I won't be using a hard...
  13. Trace_hunter

    Hacking Possible to keep the wii light on during gameplay?

    Is there some sort of mod or hack that could be used through the HBC to keep the wii light on whilst playing games? It was a feature which I always thought the wii lacked for some reason. I know you can send an e-mail to yourself but it would be easier if there was some sort of program that...
  14. Trace_hunter

    Hacking Wii shop channel update

    Epic edit: is there anyway to get the bbc iplayer without doing a system update? maybe through a wad file or something i'm not sure. Help appreciated
  15. Trace_hunter

    Hacking Which flashcard should I buy?

    seeing as it looks doubtful that any new firmware for the R4 is coming I was wondering which card would be best to replace it? The main thing is that I want to be able to play pokemon heart gold/soul silver (I think it's the acekard that works fine with these but can someone confirm?) and have...
  16. Trace_hunter

    Hacking No More Heroes DVD Read Error 1048

    iso is NTSC region but I don't think this should effect it. patched using wii brick blocker burned at 2x on a rewritable dvd using ios 249 rev 14 neo gamma beta 15 and I get dvd read error (1048) Is this a dvd problem (ie bad burn) or an ios problem? cheers!
  17. Trace_hunter

    Hacking What do I need to get madworld working?

    could someone confirm exactly what I need to play madworld? i'm using cios (can't remember number) rev 14 with the latest neo gamma launcher, will this be ok to burn, patch and play? cheers
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