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  1. rhyguy

    Rominator 2009 Contest

    preview of the theme?
  2. rhyguy

    Hacking ULTIMATE System Menu 4.0 Guide

    Well, i just updated and i still have homebrew channel so i'm happy
  3. rhyguy

    Hacking ULTIMATE System Menu 4.0 Guide

    if i only use will my wii be on 4.0 with HBC, but none of that softchip stuff (i have a modchip)
  4. rhyguy

    Hacking NOOB PARADISE - ask away

    Could someone pm me how to upgrade from a PAL wii with 3.3 (HBC installed, GECKO installed, NO CIOS ECT, WIIKEY MODCHIP) to the latest FW
  5. rhyguy

    Which Windowsdto you use?

    where is the no windows option:P
  6. rhyguy

    Gaming Best Released NDS Games of 2009

    Yeah, that’s what i meant so far i'm looking at GTA Avalon code Pokemonz
  7. rhyguy

    Review M3 DS Real unboxing

    I like your messenger bag
  8. rhyguy

    Gaming Best Released NDS Games of 2009

    Which ones do you think are worth playing for a person who hasnt touched their ds during christmas?
  9. rhyguy

    Review EZ Flash 3 in 1 unboxing

    Grey is only 2 letters away from grey though And it rhymes with gay jk
  10. rhyguy

    What do you call soft drinks?

    i say soft drink 0_o
  11. rhyguy

    Gaming Hey, I think I saw your aunt riding horse the other day...

    I'm ashamed to admit i like sims aswell
  12. rhyguy

    new sig = fail

    I also hate it
  13. rhyguy

    Peggle DS Is The Ultimate Version, Says PopCap

    *agrees* peggle is made for the ds
  14. rhyguy

    Hacking Some scene news...CSSM

    What would happen if you had a modchip? would that mess it up?
  15. rhyguy

    how do i fix my sleep schedule?

    Thants what i do, except its easier if you take 2 days to do this
  16. rhyguy

    Gaming Help with my Mac

    There shouldnt be anything wrong with paralells, but boot camp is a much better option
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