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  1. Teletron1

    Game Pass subscriber count is still growing, but misses Microsoft's target numbers

    It’s going to take this generation to make a dent for Microsoft they stumbled out of the gate with the Xbox 1 and disc sharing and now have to gain back trust while pushing good products to the market to entice back players they lost. The good thing right now is this is definitely starting to...
  2. Teletron1

    Firmware Nintendo Switch official firmware version 13.0.0 available, adds Bluetooth audio support

    So do we really think it took four years to figure out the Bluetooth interference issues with Audio and Controllers disconnecting I mean wtf would of been the cost for a second module a nickel :blink: Big N shame on you
  3. Teletron1

    Epic vs. Apple ruling says Apple must allow users to be redirected to other payment systems

    Monopolizing a payment system who would of thought, only took so many years for someone to do something
  4. Teletron1

    Rumor Sources claim that Game Boy Color games are headed to Nintendo Switch Online's service

    Are people really getting excited over this ? This wouldn’t sway me to get Online
  5. Teletron1

    New 'Metroid Dread' trailer released

    you mean was being developed by Bandai/Namco right ? It was taken away and given back to original developers Retro Studios who have a new team of some of the best FPS designers also I’m a huge fan of the 2D Metroid and I think the 2.5 complements it well I hope it can stay and live along side...
  6. Teletron1

    GBAtemp 2021 Giveaway Raffle - winners announced!

    This was a treat thank you again for this event :yay:
  7. Teletron1

    Nintendo Switch sales surpass 89 million, has outsold both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3

    Imagine if this was made with better specs to start it would last a lot longer on the market :( but since this is most people’s dedicated Nintendo machine / indie player it will continue to do well especially since most fans tend to collect multiple units like they did for the 3DS. I can see...
  8. Teletron1

    Rumor Insider report claims that Sony has delayed Horizon Forbidden West to 2022

    it only doesn’t make sense when you don’t know why the character was modeled that way Could have a health issue or a drinking problem or genetics and they write that into the story, Marvel did that to Fat Thor but all jokes a side will have to wait and see
  9. Teletron1

    Rumor Pokémon live-action series is reportedly "in early development" at Netflix

    I mean this is a big deal for Netflix Pokémon has a huge fan base and Detective Pikachu did really well but it was also a comedy… don’t f it up :wink: Netflix
  10. Teletron1

    Tempcast PERMANENT Joy-Con Drift Fix? Steam Deck, Nickelodeon Smash Bros & more - Tempcast #48

    I really can’t wait until Nintendo decides to add its own official piece of paper but on a serious note how did their R&D department not figure this out after 4 years :blink:
  11. Teletron1

    Nintendo officially reveals the OLED model Nintendo Switch console

    V2 is supposedly being phased out and Nintendo just tacked on a price increase instead of a price cut … damn is that a first in the gaming world ?
  12. Teletron1

    Nick is releasing a Smash Bros. clone called Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl

    I’m curious if they can make the net play work better and if that will have a trickle effect on smash
  13. Teletron1

    Nintendo officially reveals the OLED model Nintendo Switch console

    Damn Nintendo 3.50 for the 64g storage and you couldn’t go all out and go 128g “Bloomberg has published a new story about the upcoming system, which breakdowns the price to manufacture it. The new system apparently costs the Japanese video game giant "around $10 more per unit" to make. In...
  14. Teletron1

    Rumor Netflix reportedly plans to offer video games on its streaming platform "within the next year"

    They should bring back the interactive movie games but I’m sure it will probably be games for kids at first
  15. Teletron1

    Nintendo officially reveals the OLED model Nintendo Switch console

    wonder if we would be able to swap the oled screens or new backs on to the v1 switches when these parts become available also is that a light on dock under the switch logo ? I see videos where it’s lit up
  16. Teletron1

    Nintendo officially reveals the OLED model Nintendo Switch console

    I guess this is the new model that will phase out the existing one with the OLED they didn’t mention anything about better battery life they also didn’t mention anything about Bluetooth audio :unsure: now I still get the feeling the 4K one is coming with Zelda 2 and for 399 and 128gb storage but...
  17. Teletron1

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 E3 2021 trailer, launches 2022

    So with BOTW 2 taking to the skies and the push for Skyward Sword I guess Demise will return and seek his revenge :grog: I wonder if they plan to separate Link and Zelda where they are caught between dimensions making them both playable .. :yay:
  18. Teletron1

    What do you hope to see revealed at E3 2021?

    How about the PS6 details :rofl2: I kid really hope to see new BOTW2 and what they added to make it better & of course the Switch Pro just because I want to see if Nintendo has the balls to get back into pushing something of quality hoping to also see Xbox show off more of the improvements...
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