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    Hardware Random switch menu question

    In the menu in handheld mode is it right that you can change the tv resolution settings or should it be greyed out. I'm only asking because I'm sure mine used to be greyed out and now its not
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    Hacking Question Superban and additional game files

    Quick question I am superbanned which I have absolutely no issue with however if I want to download say Wolfenstein how would I downloaded the rest of the game which doesn't appear on the cart
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    Hacking CDN Ban

    How does one know if you have being super banned
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    Hardware Weird ui

    If I set the switch to 720p when docked it looks sharper than when set to 1080p I know it's not my tv as it's a 1500 pound sony bravia anyone else notice this
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    Gaming Gamecode swaps

    I have a spare snipperclips code I want to swap for a fast rmx code anyone have one
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    Hardware Auto brightness

    Is any one else's auto brightness not working if I turn it on it slightly dims the screen but on changing light sources it doesn't adjust
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    Hardware Switch hating

    Why are people hating on the switch. I mean yes it's not as powerful as the ps4 or xbone but honestly did anyone think it would be any different. It for all intent and purpose is a handheld console. if you could get the power of a ps4 in a handheld device which could connect to a TV and not cost...
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    Hardware Orzly premium tempered glass protector

    Just wanting some feed back does anyone have this protector just ordered it as it was free as part of a refund from Amazon. I have the hori protector and it's fine but I've ordered this for when the hori needs replacing. Just wanting your thoughts and experiences with it as I've seen some glass...
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    Hardware Warped on bent dock

    Has anyone experienced a warped on bent dock there's a few instances on the web about this
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    Hardware Loose joycona

    Does anybody else's joycons have a bit of play when in handheld mode
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    Hacking usbloader gx

    anyone got a tutorial on how to get this on vwii i cant manage it Thanks
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    Hacking Sky3ds who isn't banned

    Is anyone not banned who has used the regular sky3ds template file
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    Hacking 9.4 downgrade

    Has anyone tried using the browser exploit on 9.4
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    Hardware New 3ds xl pal import loose hinges

    Got mine today the metallic black one I played around with it the 3d is now awesome but there's some wobble in the top screen my old xl didn't do this do is this normal I know it is an issue for some units
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    Hacking R4I 3DS v4.5

    i just got this card i have a 3ds xl on 9.4 can this card be upgraded to work on this firmware using either 1.80b from the website or can i use ysmenu or something similar thanks in advance
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    Hacking NDS flashcart working on fw 9.4

    Just like it says in the title. I have a sky3ds card for my 3ds Roms does anyone know of flash carts what work for ds roms on this firmware cheers.
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    Guys all my roms work apart from donkey kong animal crossing resident evil and pokemon x, people are saying change the eeprom how do i do this and pokemon x says corrupt save data i delete that data and it gives the black screen power off error message any help would be gratefully accepted
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    Hacking SKY 3ds blue button

    My sky 3ds card just turned up it is the blue button edition will test it now
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    Hacking Virtual console and eshop Roms

    Can I download the above mentioned roms and place them on a sky3ds card to work.
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    Hacking Sky3ds Template file

    Does anyone know of a tutorial or know what the template file is and how i use it or is it as simple as putting roms on my sd card via the disc writer.
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