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  1. beautifulbeast

    Misc Super Smash Bros. Brawl Friend Code Thread

    Big bright noob alert: It's my first time using friend codes and I'm still learning to use them. I just entered like 25 SSBB friend codes from the database and now they all appear pending of confirmation; what happens now? Do people confirm you as a friend even if they don't know you or your...
  2. beautifulbeast


    I'd suggest you just went to English classes. I thought all schools in America and Canada had them. Also there are websites where you can talk to other people who are learning a foreing language, exchange emails and such. That could help. Busuu is one of the newest ones, but you can search at...
  3. beautifulbeast

    DS #2673: Dragon Quest IV (USA)

    Gret review, dib.
  4. beautifulbeast

    Gaming NDS & Wii Titles Expected Week of August 27th + Preview

    Is that Pedobear in this Digimon screenshot? Also, Bomberman 2 will be AWESOME if it features Internet Wi-Fi and those Overlord: Minions screencaps reminded me for a moment of Dungeon Keeper, although probably it's completelly different gameplay-wise (I miss Bullfrog soooo much).
  5. beautifulbeast

    Hardware Wii in HD?

    Sorry to hijack the thread, but this is kind of on-topic anyway: I still don't have a Wii and I would like to get one, but I heard that the image quality on a HD or HD Ready TV is not very good. Is that true?
  6. beautifulbeast

    DS #2575: Imagine: Teacher (USA)

    Is that the lip-synching Chinese girl from the olympics in the background of the original boxart?
  7. beautifulbeast

    Hacking Does your DS have any defects?

    A crack on the joint between the two screens and the L button doesn't work propperly. I've tried to fix it myself unsuccessfully and it's really annoying for some games, so probably I should have it fixed :S
  8. beautifulbeast

    My first job offer!! :DD

    Congrats! This is one of the reasons being into computers is so great, there's always plenty of work!
  9. beautifulbeast

    DS #2573: Bangai-O Spirits (USA)

    Am I the only one who gets an error on start saying that it can't access my save file? I'm using an R4.
  10. beautifulbeast

    My (Awesome) Mario models.

    Awesome indeed how you got the models and everyting. You might consider re-doing Peach though, but Petey and Bowser Jr. are amazing.
  11. beautifulbeast

    Sorry, but you are not pretty enough for the Olympics.

    You could easily see that she was lip-sync-ing, but It's hard to imagine they could scheme something like this. But is Asia anyway, they do weird stuff all the time. A lot weirder (and meanier, specially in the case of China). I wonder how this was unveiled.
  12. beautifulbeast

    Comment by 'beautifulbeast' in 'Sorry, but you are not pretty enough for the Olympics.'

    You could easily see that she was lip-sync-ing, but It's hard to imagine they could scheme something like this. But is Asia anyway, they do weird stuff all the time. A lot weirder (and meanier, specially in the case of China). I wonder how this was unveiled.
  13. beautifulbeast

    Gaming Females playing as the main character.

    I don't see why this question keeps coming up in gaming sites, since there are a lot more male ultra-hot characters than female. Take for example Snake (MSG), Alucard, Teenage Link, Dante and Nero, the Prince of Persia, Kilik (SC)... the list is really long. I think games in general need better...
  14. beautifulbeast

    Gaming NDS & Wii Titles Expected 13th to 20th August 2008

    I don't see why you gave Bangai-o Spirits that bad review: everyone, everywhere else seem to be crazy about that game. It got the highest score at Action Button and they seem to hate almost everything there. FTA: That last line always cracks me up. BTW, I...
  15. beautifulbeast

    Lost the feeling...

    All those sound like good ideas to me and they have helped me when I had this same problem, although getting rid of all the stress I was suffering helped a lot too so relax, find just one game that you know you're going to like, empty your mind and enjoy it. Oh! and something that might help you...
  16. beautifulbeast

    Gaming Half-Elf Tentacle Assault

    I'm disgusted but not as disgusted as I felt with that Doki-Doki-whatever a year back with it's loli witch touching. Also, I feel the need to see a trailer ASAP.
  17. beautifulbeast


    @Twiffles: I assume you are really not a Japanese, am I right?
  18. beautifulbeast


    @juggernaut911: It was pretty big a couple of months ago when she did a topless photoshoot for Vanity Fair - perv from an American point of view, but artsy from my European point of view. Anyway, she likes to take pictures of herself making out with her boyf or showing her bra and stuff like...
  19. beautifulbeast


    I think she's pretty and moderately talented too. For every record she releases there's always a song I can't get out of my head like See you again from the first and 7 things. Of course you can never tell true talent when it's producers doing most of the job, but anyway. I would recommend...
  20. beautifulbeast

    Gaming FFAT2 HELP

    I got killed the first time too in this quest, but then leveled up a little and it was fine the next time I tried. Now, I STRONGLY recommend to open the chests in this area, specially the one up north, since it holds an Angel ring, wich resurrects its user automatically when it gets killed (one...
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