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  1. Androidian

    Hacking 3DS XL showing black screen on most games after launch

    Another day, another issue. This time, I'm having issues launching my dumped games. Almost 75% of my game library won't launch properly, and will just show a black screen. Can't invoke Rosalina menu, or the HOME menu. My only option is to power off. While this wasn't an issue yesterday, today I...
  2. Androidian

    Gaming Wii crashing on System Menu launch

    Hi again everyone. Recently, I've been having some problems with my Wii. It turns on fine, but either crashes on the System Menu or when I try and change settings in the Wii Options menu. I'm not sure what could be causing this, but could revirginizing it be the cause? Just to be safe, I did...
  3. Androidian

    Hacking New 2DS XL transfer to 3DS XL (Not new)

    Hey everyone. I recently purchased a 3DS XL to replace my New 2DS XL and was hoping to easily transfer over to the new system as the 2DS has some hardware faults. The faults are the volume slider, speaker and headphone jack. But whenever I try and system transfer from the 2DS to the 3DS, It...
  4. Androidian

    Hacking 2DS XL crashing randomly

    Hello again everyone. I'm having another problem with my 2DS XL. It's been randomly freezing since yesterday and I don't know whats been causing it. Sometimes it'll crash and throw up a Arm11 exception error. I have already checked my SD card (SanDisk Ultra PLUS 64GB) for errors with h2testw and...
  5. Androidian

    Hardware Wii remotes not syncing to the console

    I have a problem. I'm having a problem with my Wii remotes. They won't sync with the console. I can still boot to priiloader and homebrew channel and navigate with a GameCube controller, but that's about it. I've already done hours of googling for solutions, but NONE of them have worked for me...
  6. Androidian

    Gaming DS brick?

    So, I have a grey Nintendo DS Lite that I've had forever, but has given up the ghost. I know I have a 2DS that I can use, but I sometimes like using the DS Lite for the nostalgia factor. Now, my problem is that it wont charge, no matter what. If I plug it in, the orange light shows up for a half...
  7. Androidian

    Hacking Wii black screen in System Menu and Homebrew Channel

    Big problem. I decided that I no longer wanted to use Wiiflow as my backup manager, so I was deleting files that I thought weren't necessary. Then the homebrew launcher stopped working so I thought I would restore the NAND to see if that would fix it. No luck. I then attempted to launch the...
  8. Androidian

    Hacking N2DS SD card data management corruption?

    Sort of in a big pickle right now with my N2DS. I am currently having a problem with my games and them not showing up. It was working earlier last night, I was playing ACNL (don't judge me) and thought I could get rid of the CONFIG app (due to it being corrupted and giving me a error when...
  9. Androidian

    ROM Hack TWLoader stuttering when playing Pokemon White 2

    Hey everyone, not sure if this thread belongs here, but whatever. :wacko: As the title says, I'm playing Pokemon White 2 and having stuttering issues. It usually happens when I walk towards an area that probably hasn't loaded in yet, i'm not sure. I have already exp. patched the game, not sure...
  10. Androidian

    Hacking Wiiflow returns to loader after launching a game

    My Wii won't load any game other than Mario Kart Wii that has been patched for wiimmfi. I have wiiflow set to use cIOS 250 for USB loading. Is there a specific version of cIOS 5hwt I need to use in order for all the games to work with USB compatibility?
  11. Androidian

    Hacking A9LH & B9S on the same system?

    Hey everyone. Lately I have been thinking. I was wondering if I could have a 3DS system with boot9strap on the SysNAND. All's normal. But what if there was a way that you could set up an EmuNAND environment to use the outdated Arm9loaderhax? I know people are going to say stuff like "oh that's...
  12. Androidian

    Gaming DS cartridge save to .sav?

    Hello eveeyone. Does anyone know if you can take the save from a normal DS Cartridge and "export" it to a .sav file for apps like TWLoader? (Yes, I am fully aware that twloader is no longer in development, but I still like it.)
  13. Androidian

    Hacking Wiiflow DSI whenever Mariokart wii loading

    Hello GBATEMP members, I'm having a problem with my Wii where whenever I load up mariokart wii in Wiiflow (Mastermod) it gives me a DSI exeption error. I'll upload my syscheck when i'm done at work.
  14. Androidian

    Hacking WiiFlow Super mario galaxy exception dsi occured when loading

    The title says it all. I'm trying to run super Mario galaxy through wiiflow, but whenever I use IOS 250, I get a stack and code dump. IOS 249 just gives me a black screen. All cheats are disabled in ocarina and I really don't want to switch over to waninkokos USB loader or usb load mod.
  15. Androidian

    Hacking Wii BSOD on startup

    Hi everyone, my friends Wii has recently been "homebrewified" by me with no problem there, just threw on some old emulators. But the next time I came to see him, whenever we powered it on, it won't boot and gave us a black screen on boot up. Sadly, we don't have a bootmii card and the disk drive...
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