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  1. mrt84

    How to Make Wii Games/Applications using Adobe Flash Professional CS5

    Hello everyone! Is been almost 4 months since I last made a tutorial. If you want to make your game or application from scratch for the Wii in Flash, this is a tutorial for you. 1. Downloading & Installing Adobe Flash Professional CS5: You can use other apps that is similar to Adobe Flash CS5...
  2. mrt84

    Thank god.

    Thank god.
  3. mrt84

    I have a question are you a real female?

    I have a question are you a real female?
  4. mrt84

    Tutorial [TUTORIAL] Forcing the European (PAL) Kirby TV Channel (Flash 9) for run in NTSC-U Wii consoles

    Guess what? WiiWatch developers are bringing back the Kirby TV Channel alive after 8 years of it being discontinued. Is in Close-BETA.
  5. mrt84

    Tutorial How To Inject ActionScript 3.0/Flash 10 Games into ActionScript 2.0 Flash WADs

    Hello! This is mrt84 once again! Today I have some great news about Flash WAD Injects. You can inject ActionScript 3.0 & Flash 10 games into ActionScript 2.0 (Flash 8) Games into WADs. CAUTION: ActionScript 3.0, Flash 10 & 9 is too poor on Wii. So you have an 85% that your game fails &...
  6. mrt84

    Tutorial How To Create Uninjectable VC Injects [GB, GBC, GBA, SEGA SG-1000, SEGA MARK III, SEGA MEGA-CD]

    Hello, guys! Welcome back to mrt84! It has been 4 months since I haven't seen y'all. But today we are going to be doing a tutorial on how to make a single ROM loader channels for uninjectable games that includes (GB, GBC, GBA, SEGA SG-1000, SEGA MARK III, SEGA MEGA-CD, NDS [maybe]). This...
  7. mrt84

    Hacking [RELEASE] Adobe Flash SWF WiiWare iNJECTOR *BETA VERSiON* by saulfabreg

    WHAT!?! O_O. I'm deleting this shit on my PC! Sorry for the swearing. auto In Sep, when I downloaded the WiiWare Injector after a few days my PC started going insane my PC started freezing about 5 & a minute. So saulfabreg might need to fix that.
  8. mrt84

    Hacking Extracting

  9. mrt84

    Hacking Extracting

    It gets an error "Error reading file". My document is in "C:\Windows\Program Files (x86)\cmd.exe". auto Nevermind I got it. What do I need to use next to extract ""?
  10. mrt84

    Tutorial How To Make HTML WAD Injects

    I'm not sure if you can import games, try testing out.
  11. mrt84

    Hacking [RELEASE] Adobe Flash SWF WiiWare iNJECTOR *BETA VERSiON* by saulfabreg

    Well when I downloaded the App 6 months ago my PC started freezing a few times, I still haded a antivirus though & I still have Avast on my computer.
  12. mrt84

    Tutorial Virtual Console - Commodore 64 (C64 / C-64) - Wii VC Injection Tutorial

    I am releasing some view C64 VC games on my shop.
  13. mrt84

    Tutorial How To Create WiiWare Games in FULL TUTORIAL! [Custom Wii Save data icon & Animations!]

    Hello guys, Welcome back to mrt84! Today's tutorial is on how to create custom WiiWare games. If you want to inject Flash games like Dad N' Me, Tetris, Pac-Man, or A Koopa's Revenge, This is your change too make it for free! Things you will need: 1. Wii.cs Tools 2. A Flash Placeholder (PRO)...
  14. mrt84

    Gaming WiiMC+ Problem

    Hi. Welcome back to mrt84 & I am having a problem with WiiMC+ I did everything correctly but when went to WiiMC went Online Media & YouTube, I search a video but only video the WiiMC+ Trailer & click on it & It gets an error "Error loading file". Is there anyway to fix this. I really want to...
  15. mrt84

    Hacking Extracting

    Okay Thanks. auto It still doesn't work when copying the libwiisharp.dll file. auto I used UltimateU8 from Wii.cs Tools & when open it up & shows nothing & gets an error.
  16. mrt84

    Hacking Extracting

    The is the URL HTTPS file & you can't extract it.
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