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  1. Mikef1

    Hacking Slow, saving to emu-nand with USB Loader GX

    Hello, I'm having an issue when Wii games are saving to the emu-nand. It's sometimes very slooow, about 20-30 seconds. The Wii DVD light flashes during this time, so I'm assuming it's writing to the emu-nand. I've asked this before (in 2018) and 'Greywolf' said that D2x is just slow when...
  2. Mikef1

    Hacking Should we also update Luma3DS 10.2.1 to the CTRNAND??

    Hi, After copying the new Luma3DS v10.2.1 boot.firm to the SD card, should we run the "Setup Luma3DS to CTRNAND" Script to put the new Luma in CTRNand?? from: Section VI - CTRNAND Luma3DS GM9Megascript” Select “Scripts from Plailect’s Guide” Select “Setup...
  3. Mikef1

    Hacking Clean-up of SD root files after installing CFW

    Hello, After installing the CFW using: there are some files left over on the Root of the SD card. arm11code.bin boot.3dsx boot.firm browserhax_hblauncher_ropbin_payload.bin usm.bin Can I delete them or are some still being used by homebrew...
  4. Mikef1

    Hacking Copying .SAV files from Sky3ds+ to use with CIA games

    Hello, I've installed CFW and copied a few games from my Sky3ds+ cart. (used godmode9 to convert to cia files, then FBI to install them) Question: How do you transfer the Sky3ds+ .SAV files for use with cia games? Thanks, Mike
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