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  1. satan89

    Hacking Eshop dumped NSPs not working

    Hi, So I've bought a few games on my sysNAND ofw on eshop, which ive played for a while while being on ofw with no problems. Later, I've booted into sysNAND cfw (atm 0.94) and dumped these games to nsp via nxdumptool (kept default options while dumping it). Then I've booted to emummc, and...
  2. satan89

    Gaming BOTW Explorer's Edition question

    Hi, I'm planning on buying the Explorer's Edition this weekend. I'm interested in knowing if the minimum firmware requirement of the physical cart is still the same (1.0.0) or if it has an update this time (maybe if they reprinted this batch)? If someone has got their hands on this edition of...
  3. satan89

    Hacking What I've noticed regarding the Save bug with dumped games

    I put this up on reddit as well, reposting here because I think this is a better place for discussion. So, I've been playing dumped games last couple of weeks and I noticed that in certain games (I've had it happen on P4G and TOCS1) when you try to save game, it shows all previous save files...
  4. satan89

    Hacking New HENkaku supports PSN spoof Awesome to wake up to this
  5. satan89

    Hacking HENkaku Offline Installer

    Looks like Yifan has released the offline installer EDIT- its xyz's release
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