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  1. darksweet

    Hacking download manager for vita?

    is there any homebrew for downloading stuff on internet or torrent application
  2. darksweet

    Hacking i not sure about this...

    i got the GATEWAY OMEGA 2.4b installed in 3ds and dstwo is running fine now in 8.1 something firmware, now the confusing for me (at least) i want to update the emunand to 9.x firmware (YES I DON' T HAVE YET THE GATEWAY CART still coming this end month) can i update it now with out the GATEWAY...
  3. darksweet

    Gaming Who this Pokemon?

  4. darksweet

    Hacking About pokemon x/y patch 1.2 code

    ahhh... if this is already answer "i'm sorry" i'm planing to buy pokemon y or x (US) this month end... using my 3DS (eur) + MT-card region-free mode... can i use the EUR(eshop) patch 1.2 code to my POKEMON Y US VERSION????
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