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    Hacking Is it okay to update on 3DS? I'm on Luma

    When you delete a system app (i.e. download play, camera, mii maker) the system shows an update to install the app again. Even when you are on the latest version. It's probably the case here. And there is no problem to update. Enviado de meu Redmi Note 3 usando Tapatalk
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    Hacking NTRBoot Released!

    Thanks for the quick feedback! I will test it later when my son let go of the 3DS. Enviado de meu Redmi Note 3 usando Tapatalk
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    Hacking NTRBoot Released!

    Hi there! First of all, I would like to thank the developers for such a good job, and all those involved. Now I have a question. I followed the tutorial using the NTRboothax and an Acekard 2i to mod my O3DSXL. As a result, now I got a 3DS with luma and the starter pack installed and...
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    Homebrew Want to put homebrew launcher on 3DS (11.4.0-37 U).

    Can you point a tutorial for this method? I bought an used Old 3ds XL that is already on Firmware 11.4, and I have an Acekard 2i to test it. :D
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