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  1. Gamer4life

    Hacking Problems with dstwo

    Ok so i just bought one a couple days ago it arrived yesterday and when i press start on the main menu it doesn't bring up the options screen nor does pressing l r and start in game bring me back to the menu what could be wrong
  2. Gamer4life

    Hacking So i just ordered a DSTwo

    What is some of the stuff i need to be getting ready for when it arrives liek what are the best app of plugins for it im really looking forward to the gba emulator
  3. Gamer4life

    Computer problem yeah HELP

    So yeah my computer has been going slowly for a little while I have the asus g74sx BBK8 laptop and well i have gotten a BSOD of death before. But a week ago i turned it off after being on for like 2 days (i do this on a regular basis) went out for a little while came back turned it on and got to...
  4. Gamer4life

    Hacking Does the wood r4.nds file work and run on the scds2

    I was wondering this as i wanted one so i could have the gba emulator but i wanted better compatibility such as what wood r4 offers. So i was wondering if u can run the wood r4.nds file on the scds2 and be able to play roms through that
  5. Gamer4life

    Misc How fast is streetpass if anyone knows

    I mean usually i walk fast and i walk past people fast so it cant have no more than like a couple seconds and how far away can u be to get a streetpass
  6. Gamer4life

    Gaming another game decision question help pleas

    http://store.steampo.../sale/DeadSpace 1 or 2 people help me decide EDIT: I only have money for one of them do i need to play 1 to understand 2 i have never played either of them which one is better in game play does 2 let me know what happened in 1
  7. Gamer4life

    Gaming Steam game question which one should i get 1 or 2 do i need to play one to understand 2
  8. Gamer4life

    Does age or time matter?

    When you feel like you have met that perfect one out of over 6 billion people on the planet do you think if you are not the same age and there is a gap of age between you and you have only known them a very short time. Do u think age or time matters? So respond with a yes or no and your...
  9. Gamer4life

    Gaming Anyone wanna gift me a game on steam please

    Is anyone in a really good mood and willing to gift me left 4 dead 1 or 2 or both on steam i would prefer left 4 dead 2 but any or both games would be much appreciated.
  10. Gamer4life

    Homebrew moonshell question

    i would like to know which version of moonshell is better and what the 2 different versions offer. As in the regular 2.10 version or the 2.10 child zwai version.
  11. Gamer4life

    Humble bundle 2+1 giveaway by me. I need ideas please.

    I have recently won the humble bundle 2+1 and want to regive it away on here i just need some ideas for a contest or maybe i could accept $1 donations from people who want to enter. I won this bundle over at
  12. Gamer4life

    IMO #1 Racism

    I will be doing these things called IMO(In my opinion) randomly to express my opinion here is the first one IMO the only way to get rid of racism is to stop making a big deal out of one race over another such as black history month or saying in the news like oh here is the first black person...
  13. Gamer4life

    Gaming What happened to this game help me remember the name

    There was a teaser trailer of a game that looked mysterious and i think it was for ds and it had a woman on a train and it was i think gonna be made by level-5
  14. Gamer4life

    What other sites are like Dealextreme

    I know of are there any more
  15. Gamer4life

    Gaming EO3 Help (first time playing EO)

    I would like some input as to what guilds i should choose as i have never played and Etrian Odyssey Game before and would like to know what is the best guilds to choose for a team
  16. Gamer4life

    Homebrew MENUdo sneek peek video

    Here is an approved sneek peek video of MENUdo
  17. Gamer4life

    Hacking If an SDK for the SCDS2 is released will nintendo be able to..

    If a SDK for the SCDS2 is released will nintendo be able to be able us it against the cart to prevent it form being able to be run.
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