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  1. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The cases of men

    A man complained of his fate; then Aesop, in order to console him, invented this story. A ship was tossed about by a furious storm; among the passengers there were tears, and terror of dying; suddenly, the weather changes and clears up; the ship, now safe, begins to navigate driven by favorable...
  2. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The bearded she-goats

    The she-goats had obtained a beard from Jupiter, the goats then became indignant, deploring that the females had attained a dignity equal to their own. "Let them enjoy a vain glory," said Jupiter, "and let them appropriate of the insignia of your rank, so long as they are not equal to you in...
  3. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - Riches are harmful

    Of riches the man of valor cannot bear even the sight, and well rightly so, for the coffer full of treasures prevents true glory. Hercules, welcomed into heaven for his virtue, greeted one by one all the gods who were celebrating him, but when Pluto, who is the son of Fortune, arrived, he...
  4. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The vices of men

    Jupiter has placed two saddlebags on us: the one full of our vices behind our backs, the one heavy with the vices of others hung in front of us, on our chest. For this reason we cannot see our own faults, but as soon as others make mistakes, we become censors. [ Peras imposuit Iuppiter nobis...
  5. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The Fox and the Goat

    The shrewd man, as soon as he runs into danger, tries to find escape at the expense of others. The fox had carelessly fallen into a well and was held captive there, because the bank was quite high. A thirsty goat happened to be in the same place and immediately asked her if the water was...
  6. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The snake at the blacksmith's

    Whoever tries to bite with cruel teeth one who can bite even more, will be portrayed in this apologue. An adder entered a blacksmith's workshop. While he was feeling to see if there was anything to eat, he bit into a file. This, hard, in reply: "Silly, why do you try to hurt me with your teeth...
  7. Nikokaro

    Comment by 'Nikokaro' in 'Phaedrus - The Donkey and the Gauls'

    If you only knew how many acts of ingratitude I have witnessed; yet all it takes is only one thank you, one smile from one person in ten, that I myself am grateful to be alive...:)
  8. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The horse and the boar

    The boar, splashing about, muddied the puddle in which the horse used to quench his thirst. A quarrel ensued. The steed, furious with the beast, asked the man for help and taking him on his back, he went back to his enemy. The knight shot arrows at the boar, and, after killing it, it is told...
  9. Nikokaro

    Comment by 'Nikokaro' in 'Phaedrus - The Donkey and the Gauls'

    I knew you were going to say something like that. But the worst enemy is the one inside, a part of ourselves that judges, criticizes, gets angry and tortures us. So, like Don Quixote, we see imaginary enemies on the outside instead of mere windmills.
  10. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The fox and the grapes

    Driven by hunger, the fox was trying to take the grapes from a high vine, jumping with all his strength, but he could not touch it; then leaving he said: "It is not yet ripe; I do not want to pick it unripe." Whoever belittles in words what he is not able to do, will have to refer to himself...
  11. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The Donkey and the Gauls

    Who is born unfortunate, not only spends a miserable life, but his cruel and unfortunate destiny haunts him even after death. The Gauls of Cybele used to carry around a donkey loaded with baggage to go begging. When it died of fatigue and beatings, they skinned it and made drums out of its...
  12. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The peacock to Juno about his own voice

    The peacock went to Juno, complaining that she had not attributed to him the voice of the nightingale; this, indeed, aroused the admiration of all the birds, while he was mocked as soon as he emitted his voice. Then the goddess, to console him, said: "But you win him in beauty, you win him in...
  13. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - Game and seriousness

    An Athenian saw Aesop playing walnuts in the midst of a crowd of little boys; he stopped and mocked him as if he were demented. The old man, more suited to the role of mocker than of mocked, as soon as he noticed it, loosened a bow and placed it in the middle of the road: "Hey!" he said. "I'm...
  14. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The cockerel and the pearl

    A cockerel was looking for something to eat in a dunghill, and found there a pearl. "What an unworthy place you are in," he said, "precious as you are! If those who are greedy of your worth had seen you, you would already have returned to the splendor of your former time. But I have found you...
  15. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - Socrates and friends

    Friend is a usual word, but rare is a faithful friend. Socrates (whose death I would not flee, so long as I attained a glory like his, and would accept malevolence, to be absolved when I am dust), Socrates was building himself a little house, when a commoner, I know not who, as it usually...
  16. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The butcher and the monkey

    A man saw hanging in a butcher's shop, among various goods and foodstuffs, a monckey and asked what It tasted like. Then the butcher jokingly said: "As is the head, so is the taste". I consider this joke more witty than true, because I have often found bad, the good; and many bad looking ones...
  17. Nikokaro

    Comment by 'Nikokaro' in 'Phaedrus - The old woman and the young one in love with the same man'

    But of course I was speaking with my usual trademark irony...🤣...but still with a kernel of truth. 😉 Note: I am almost offended by the sleazy notion of women you attribute to me.........just kidding. 😁
  18. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The old woman and the amphora

    An old woman saw lying on the ground an empty amphora which, because of the bottom of Falerno wine still remaining in its noble clay, diffused a delicious perfume around it. After having inhaled it greedily with all the strength of her nostrils, she exclaimed: "O sweet spirit! Who knows how good...
  19. Nikokaro

    Comment by 'Nikokaro' in 'Phaedrus - The old woman and the young one in love with the same man'

    The bottom line is: whether you choose the young or the older one, the woman will lead you to ruin....😅 😂 🤣 As for me, if that's the price you have to pay to experience the joys of love, I'm more than willing to be ruined. :wub:
  20. Nikokaro

    Phaedrus - The two loaded mules

    Two mules walked under the weight of the some: one carried baskets filled with money, the other one, sacks bulging with barley. The first one, the one with the precious load proceeded with his head held high and shook the jingling rattle with his neck; his companion followed with a calm and...
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