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  1. Rabbi Nevins

    suggestions on selling something...

    Ok! So im selling my extra nintendo 64 with goldeneye, mario kart, super mario 64, pokemon stadium, nfl blitz 2001, and mario party 1. With a controller of course. How much does anyone think thats all worth? The games are all pretty classic so I was hoping for like 70. Realistic?
  2. Rabbi Nevins

    Hacking Need help getting details on r4 clone

    I havent been too involved with the scene since the DSi came out, so hopefully this isnt a silly question. Ive been trying to look for help but this must be an obscure cart of some sort. down where it says 'R4-2 Silver' That is my cart, im just trying to figure...
  3. Rabbi Nevins

    Hacking stripped battery cover screw

    Ok so my ds lite's slot 1 is starting to wear down a lot and soon will never work. I want to flash my ds lite and start using my slot 2 card but i cant take the battery cover off because the screw is stripped Does anyone have any ideas on how i might be able to get it off? Thanks a bunch in advance
  4. Rabbi Nevins

    Gaming Duke nukem forever for wii?

    possibility? i beleive this thread explains it....
  5. Rabbi Nevins

    Gaming Finding gba release list for <32Mb

    Ill soon be receiving an M3 lite pro and i was wondering if there is anyway that i can see a list of 32Mb only gba there a program a list anyone knows this that can help me do this?
  6. Rabbi Nevins

    Hacking WARNING! fake super card MINI SD

    well first there was the fake supercard they've made a fake supercard miniSD that can be hard to spot... LINKAGE -
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