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  1. XFelixX

    Hacking Saves

    I used to use R4, which uses a set *.sav file size of 512kb. And for Big games like pokemon, when the save got to be more than that, it overflowed, corrupted, and sometimes killed every other save on the R4. The akaio has an option to change the *.sav file's size. -does this option change the...
  2. XFelixX

    Hacking Nintendo Wifi USB?

    Is there any way to connect the acekard's internet update thing to my NWUSB without modding the USB? My router doesn't support DS.
  3. XFelixX

    Hacking What's the point?

    If AK2i works on all Ds systems, then what's the point of getting AK2.1?
  4. XFelixX

    Hacking AKAIO 1.4?

    Why does my card work with 1.4.1 proper repack, but not 1.6rc1? also, when i loaded 1.4, i had it read the save files .nds.sav instead of just .sav (like all my saves), i had to start a new file, but the saves worked just fine. Then when i switched it to .sav, my saves wouldn't work. You think...
  5. XFelixX

    Hacking Akaio Game load problem?

    Hey guys, I just got my AK2.1, loaded it with all the newest AKAIO stuff, set my own theme to it, and tried to load my game. I get the normal loading bar, then it goes to a black screen with a blue 'Loading' thing on it, then it turns green and won't go anywhere. Any solutions/Tips?
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