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  1. Ritsuki

    Nreal announces Nreal Air, a new AR headset for mobile entertainment and gaming

    These glasses project a new layer of digital information through the use of the lens. For example, using a GPS app, they could show on top of the real world the itinerary you have to take to reach your destination. It's like a video game HUD, but in real life.
  2. Ritsuki

    'Disco Elysium - The Final Cut' lands on Xbox consoles next month; physical editions announced

    The PS4 version has a free next gen update, so I guess it's just to cut costs on production
  3. Ritsuki

    Homebrew Atmosphere version 1.1.0 enters pre-release, adds support for Switch firmware 13.0.0

    Haven't really followed the Switch scene, how hard is it now to mod a Switch and is it now safe to go online with a modded Switch?
  4. Ritsuki

    Tempcast Re3/ReVC vs Take-Two EXPLAINED (By LAWYER), GameBoy on Switch Rumors DISSECTED & more - Tempcast #55

    Just here to say that I also call him JEH-RALT and no one's gonna stop me from calling him like that
  5. Ritsuki

    GBAtemp Exclusive Persona 4 and the benefits of imperfect representation

    I think we tend to mix a lot of feelings in this kind of debate... Representation is important because you need visibility to make a point. For a long time, LGBT+ people had a very negative image (sinners, drug addicts, HIV, etc...) and to show that actually, they're just like any people is...
  6. Ritsuki

    Ubisoft Forward E3 2021 press conference roundup - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora announced

    I read something like that too, didn't really give much credit to the rumour, not really happy about the whole multiplayer thing, I feel like it's hard to tell a story in multiplayer games and the aspect I liked the most in BGE was definitely the story... Oh well, we never know, it's not because...
  7. Ritsuki

    Ubisoft Forward E3 2021 press conference roundup - Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora announced

    At this point honestly I don't think it will ever happen... I really hope I'm wrong tho
  8. Ritsuki

    Ubisoft delays Skull & Bones for a fourth time

    Still waiting for Beyond Good and Evil 2
  9. Ritsuki

    The Witcher 3 director resigns from CD Projekt after workplace bullying investigation

    Thing is, unless we actually work there and have been a witness of mobbing and/or have enough information to grasp the whole situation, we can't judge. Most of the investigation are made by the companies themselves, which obviously creates a conflict of interest. I've seen that happening to...
  10. Ritsuki

    Tempcast New Format - Tempcast Video Essays! [April Fools]

    I'm not going to lie, you had me at AlanJohn.
  11. Ritsuki

    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Recommends: Rune Factory 4: Special

    Yeah, I did exactly the same, that's why I was hesitating to give it another chance or to wait for RF5
  12. Ritsuki

    'Mortal Kombat' live-action movie reboot gets first trailer

    I'm a simple man, I hear "GET OVER HERE!", I like.
  13. Ritsuki

    Gwent source code leaks online, along with an auction for Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk source code

    Who the hell is going to spend 1M on illegally obtained files? I mean, I feel like the price is a tad bit too high for a bunch of files that would attract more problems than benefits...
  14. Ritsuki

    Man arrested in Japan for selling hacked Shiny Pokemon

    I read a few articles about that law, it's not a law about modifying data per se, it's a modification of their law about unfair competition, because apparently before that it didn't include anything about data modifications. It looks like it's intent is to target device or software hack/cracking...
  15. Ritsuki

    [RUMOR] SciresM speculates on Switch Pro details through datamine information

    Remember when Nintendo had no plans at all to build a Switch pro? Then it changed for 'no new model this year' and here we are now :rofl: I find it a bit surprising since Ninty has been flirting with cloud gaming this last year though. I just hope it will be like the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, just...
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