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    Homebrew Question Why no network share support?

    Sorry if "network share support" isn't the right term, but I was wondering why no emulators on switch don't allow loading ROMS, ISOs, etc from a local network share? Would be nice to free space on my switch by not having to copy games over to microsd card. Then I wouldn't have too unless I were...
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    Hardware Broken touchscreen but.....not really???

    Short version: touchscreen wasn't working even after replacement, but when booting into lakka, touchscreen works 100% fine. Long version: I bought a used, child owned switch for cheap to use for hacking. Since it was child owned, the screen was covered in scratches. I didn't mind cuz I wanted...
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    Hardware Joycon Analog rubber replacement?

    Purchased a used switch for hacking and it was previously child owned, so the rubber from the analog sticks is missing. Analog stick caps like those typically purchased at amazon wont work, as they conform to the shape of the existing analog rubber on the joystick itself, which is the part thats...
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    ROM Hack Question Switch game duplicates rumor from last year

    I remember reading last year that supposedly Nintendo could detect if a duplicate copy of a game is on their network twice, and could potentially ban both systems. It even sparked a debate about buying used games from places like gamestop. Whatever happened with that? was it true? I'd like to...
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    Hacking Converting questions

    Hi I've got a bunch of game folders and wud images containing game data from when I dumped all my content from my Wii U before I sold it over a year ago. I've a couple of questions: 1. Is it possible to inject updates/dlc into wud images somehow? Either directly or extracting everything...
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    Hardware Good Screen protectors for New 3DS XL?

    Some of the reviews I've seen on the more popular screen protectors on amazon tend to complain that theres too much of a gap on the bottom screen, which I don't really like either. So I was wondering what are the recommended screen protectors for the NEW 3DS XL?
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    Hacking possible to get ps4 out of demo mode?

    a guy in my area is selling a PS4 for like $40 but it's stuck in "demo mode". I'm not familiar with PS4's but I figured I'd give it a shot if it's possible to fix. Searching online mostly gives results at least 2 years or so old, so I wasn't sure if there is any new developments in this regard...
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    Homebrew DSi XL - NO hackable software installed (including flipnote studio). what are my options?

    Just recently picked up a DSi XL and noticed its on the latest Update (1.4.5U). No software is installed on it, not even flipnote studio. I do however, have a hacked 3ds and hacked DSi. Can I possibly use them to somehow hack the DSi XL?
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    ROM Hack Decrypt CIA and convert to decrtypted 3DS ROM without 3DS?

    I've got a ton of encrypted CIA files that im trying to convert to decrypted 3DS ROMs. I've got a 3DS, but I also have a high end PC. Im typing this out over hour in with just decrypting 1 CIA file on my 3DS. I want to do this on my PC so that I can either do this to multiple CIA ROMs, or do...
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    Hacking 7.1.0-16U : Stay on current firmware or update?

    I just recently revived an old broken 3ds (non-new 3ds), and discovered its on 7.1.0-16U firmware. I realize firmware is all the way up to 11.7.0-40U. Is it safe to upgrade to latest firmware? I realize you can still do hacks, but i was curious if there is anything I can/cannot do between the...
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    Hardware Prevent PS3 slim from eventual death?

    Recently picked up a used PS3 slim on my area for $20. Took it apart, cleaned out all the dust, bought some Arctic thermal pads and placed them on all the large-medium sized chips I could find on both sides of the motherboard, as well as cleaned up old thermal paste, and applied Arctic silver 5...
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    Hacking Paperclip RCM "jig"

    Mods if you feel this should be removed, feel free to do so! I'd like to share original credit to Tomman321 due to his original instructions which i ended up doing my own spin on! What I did was took a...
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    Hacking Question about Switch performance and dynamic resolution scaling?

    Once the Switch gets hacked to a good enough degree, do you guys think it will be possible for hackers to adjust the clock speed on the Switch, since apparently its essentially the same hardware as a Shield with has a higher clockrate? Or is that something thats hard-coded? If so, would scaling...
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    Hacking How to install/merge update/DLC into .wud?

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I left right before the Wii U hacking scene took off (in favor of Nintendo Switch + Cemu for emulation). I backed up several of my games before I sold them awhile back, and have several differently formatted games. Most are .Wud files, some are just game...
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    Hacking Hardware vs. Software mods, which is better?

    I'm more of a software mod guy myself, but then again I've never really done a hardware mod, but with the recent announcements, I'm curious: does one form of mod provide anything the other can't? Any features? future proofing, etc? Does one excel more than the other in certain aspects?
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    Hacking dumping games from system memory?

    Hi guys I am trying to figure out how to dump my purchased and downloaded games from my Wii U onto my PC. I would like to also play these in CEMU. I was able to dump my Wii U discs with some help in the wudump thread, but not sure how to go about it with a game already installed on the system...
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    Emulation Can I dump games I bought & downloaded from eShop to play in Cemu?

    As title suggests. I've been backing up my Wii U discs to play around with in Cemu. I was wondering if I can do the same with downloaded titles, like Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Etc. These are a few games I've obtained from the eShop, so I'm not sure how, if its even at...
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    Hacking Creating Wii U Disc Backups on PC?

    Im sorry if this already exists somewhere, but im suprised its not stickied or something. I've looked around (and maybe i just havent been using the right keywords or something, i dont know. if it exists i apologize, and just redirect me to the right forum) but i havent been able to find info on...
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    Hacking once wii u modding is succesful, will wii u controllers become vwii compatible?

    Im sorry if this is not the right place for this, but I figure it belongs here as it technically relates to hacking. will this be possible though? I think its stupid that you can use the wii u gamepad's screen for vwii mode, but not the controller itself for input. I would love to be able to...
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