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    Account change

    I recently bought an xbox 1 the regular one from a friend and it has some games Installed on it by the look of it the game haven't gone through any form of update although am playing it offline I don't got much money spending buying a new or purchasing via the store so I was wondering will I...
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    Hacking God of war black screen

    Hi please I recently updated my ps3 Hen to the latest and now every other disc I have plays fine but God of war ascension doesn't when I insert the disc it will show then when I launch it will just show black screen and then boot me back to the XMB Sent from my SM-A105F using Tapatalk Sent...
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    ROM Hack Help!!! My 3ds wont turn on!!

    Heĺlo guys i recently took my 3ds to the repair just for them to fix my upper screen on getting home i find out that my 3ds just shows blue light and the it stays on for few second and then fades away but went i thought it was the boot. firm so i copied it to the root of my sd card but went i...
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    Gaming How do I make my wii region free for both disc game and wbfs games

    I was wondering if there is away to remove all this region lock thing in wii and make it open for any kind of disc or iso or wbfs game ?
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    Gaming Help my call of duty black ops keep giving me error code 20103

    Hi am new to this amazing forum i have got to say this is best place for all the new guys like me seeking for help please I have searching all over the internet on what is making my wii give this problem and how to fix I recently purchased call of duty black ops from a retail shop knowing...
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