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    Hacking flashcard

    i need a suggestion for a new flashcart i have had the r4 since they came out and am looking for something that is still supported and can run newer games and use 4 gig cards i also want something that can use the same saves that i have on my r4 also is dealextreme a great place to buy form...
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    Hacking someone help

    i just got ysmenu on my r4 and every time i load a rom it fails and it says fatinitdefault error
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    Hacking ysmenu

    anyone know if there is somewhere else i can download ysmenu since i tried the site from the stickies and it keeps saying that the server is busy an offtopic question which of the newer flash carts work with the same save type as the r4 and have compatibility with new games and new firmwares...
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    Hacking i noe this has been said before

    i am looking for a new flashcard since it looks like teh r4 is no longer being updated i am looking for one that can run my saves and one that supports sdhc thanks for the help p.s i am also looking for cheap
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    Hacking GRID and megaman strarfroce 2

    i cant play either of these games because it says that my saves cant be located what would be teh best thing to do
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    Hardware going to college

    i am going off to college in a little while and i need a good portable laptop i am mainly looking for a notebook that i around 13.3 inches or lower for portability, at least a 100 gig hard drive, and a good processor(core 2 duo) i am thinking about getting a white macbook because it seems l;like...
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    Gaming COD4

    i have cod 4 and every time i try to join a server it says key code in use try again later what should i do
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    spiderman or wolverine

    which is a better hero and why? and who would win in a fight? wolverine
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    Hardware gaming headset

    i am looking for a gaming headset that is under 30 dollars any help would be appreciated
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    Gaming HELP NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!&#33

    i am thinking of getting one of these mini notebooks and was wondering if it was worth it i am mainly going to use it for surfing eh internet and might carry it with me to college (already taking desktop) and i could use the eee pc as a lightweight laptop i was thinking about getting the 8.9...
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    Gaming god dam vista

    i did a reinstall of vista a while ago and now i am trying to do a custom theme using vistaglaze and it says that i have corrupt files and i dont know which files are corrupt and now when i try and change my theme it says rundll32 is not working what should i do about this any help would be...
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    Gaming CounterStrike

    i have it installed on another pc but want to put it on my new pc but when i do that is says key is invalid i am using teh same steam account on both teh pcs and i just want to play some cs what do i do
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    Gaming steam

    i have a steam account with games on it and was wondering if i could somehow transfer the games to a new account or deactivate them and reactivate them on a new account
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    Gaming new pc just ordered

    what do you think SAMSUNG 20X DVD±R DVD Burner Black SATA Model SH-S203B COOLER MASTER Centurion 590 RC-590-KKN1-GP Black SECC / ABS ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Western Digital Caviar SE16 WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive XFX PVT88PYDF4 GeForce 8800GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI...
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    Gaming gpsp

    how do i get it to work i have 3.90 m33-3
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    Gaming 1.5

    how would i mod a psp with 1.5 firmware its my cousin's and its tah phat one
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    Gaming cfw buddy

    after i install the cfw what do i do to get games and emulators to work on teh psp mainly psp isos
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    Hacking dam ez flash

    the problem is that i am using the ezflash 3 in 1 and it cant save at all when i try to save in pokemon it says internal battery failed and other games say that save file is corrupt everything is patched the way it is supposed to be and i am using r4 with latest firmware with GBA ExpLoader can...
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    i need to find a new mp3 since my ipod isnt cutting it anymore i am looking for at least a 2.5 inch screen, 30 gigs of storage, nice slick look and a good price also if you can find one with wi fi that would be great
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    help me find a video

    i am looking for an exercise video that is sold in america and it has something to do with this fast paced and burning a lot calories i just need help to find out the name
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