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  1. robbywu

    Hacking Earth Seeker: Translation (Jap-Eng) Patch & Stuff

    still looking forward to this gonna be great
  2. robbywu

    DSi Update Glitch

    all's well! updated to latest AK2 patch (Dokasu) and card works again
  3. robbywu

    Hacking Ak2i doesn't start. (white screen)

    sounds like the loader to me
  4. robbywu

    DSi Update Glitch

    ak2 blocked!!! i had chessmaster version with akaio 1.8.8
  5. robbywu

    Gaming Xenoblade Chronicles

    Shulk can activate the Monado's Arts by selecting the large Icon in the center of the screen. Then he has access to the various Arts the Monado can perform. Each Art is unlocked at various points in the game, with Buster and Enchant being available initially. Buster (powerful attack whit a...
  6. robbywu

    Gaming [Essentials] Wii Games

    Xenoblade +1 Earthseeker(Jap) +1 Call of Duty:Black OPs +1
  7. robbywu

    Gaming Zelda 4 swords DSi

    single player FTW FREE FTW also
  8. robbywu

    Gaming Harvest Moon tale of two towns hype thread

    like harvest moon .. but like many others have said, They all feel like the same game and story
  9. robbywu

    Gaming just ordered LEGEND OF ZELDA/ with free gold wiimote.

    i just want the wiimote ^^ forget the game
  10. robbywu

    Gaming Xenoblade Chronicles Loading Issues

    block ios reload - (off) patch video modes - (normal) video mode - (auto patch) thats how mine works ^^ Good luck
  11. robbywu

    Gaming Xenoblade impressions

    /\ spoiler alert
  12. robbywu

    Hacking Can't add games to HDD using WBFS Manager

    format it to fat32 and use wii backup manager
  13. robbywu

    Gaming Xenoblade Chronicles Hype Thread!

    the battle system is ever evolving^^ (6 hrs in) just beat the giant spider thing in the cave
  14. robbywu

    Homebrew wii64 problem

    put your roms on the root (sd:/roms NOT sd:/wii64/roms,) and see if that helps
  15. robbywu

    Gaming Xenoblade Chronicles Hype Thread!

    shulk has a healing ability level it up with the AP points... and if you keep dieing then maybe your fighting too strong of enemies nad you need to lvl up a bit first
  16. robbywu

    Hacking Xenoblade PAL version

    working with wiiflow no problems (4hrs in)
  17. robbywu

    Hacking Earth Seeker: Translation (Jap-Eng) Patch & Stuff

    agreeed! applause for you quantico
  18. robbywu

    Gaming Xenoblade Chronicles Hype Thread!

    works fine for me!
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