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    Hacking DSi XL and AK2i Not Booting

    Alright, I'm sure it's something stupid my noob ass overlooked.... I even checked the forum and sifted through a few hundred posts.... But I can't get my new XL to boot. My XL has 1.4U on it. I tried installing both the new official firmware, and the "best" unofficial firmware. It shows the...
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    Hacking New Super Mario Brothers Lag from HDD

    Is anyone experiencing any lag while playing the game. I burned to DVD, then transfered to HDD through the USB menu. The game just seems a second back, a bit unresponsive. Even the Wiimote sounds seem half a second lagged back. Am I doing something wrong? Think a straight transfer to HDD would...
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    New Webshow. Help Me Name It!

    Alright. So I'd love to produce a new show, but wanted to stay away from the typical review, or rant videos that everyone else seems to be doing. So I came up with this idea to do a type of video kinda like Popup Video from old school VH1. If you guys remember that... Except of course do it for...
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    Homebrew VC/WiiWare Renamer/Dat File

    So......? Is there? I've tried googling and didn't see anything. I'm not too up on renamers these days. Just trying to re-order and rename my collection. I aquired a pack of pratically all of them, but the naming is so messed up it's impossible to know what they are =). Any help would be...
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    Anyone have a ***********

    Hey guys. Kind of in a pinch. I'm looking to nab the Phillies game 1 World Series XVid. I live in Philly and have a few people that want to watch it. I've searched high and low for these on usenet, torrents, etc, etc. I despise torrents to be honest. The only place I can find it is Demoniod but...
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    Hacking Another "Which To Buy" Topic

    Alright guys, I did alot of searching thru the forums, and got alot of information, some of it went against other info so I guess I'll ask it once again. Which GBA Flash Cart should I get? I want: - Good GBA compat since that's its primary function. - Some emulation, maybe NES/GBC/GB - Needs...
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