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  1. sepinho

    Pandora in production

    The OpenPandora team has pulled off the impossible: After three years of development, delays and detours, production of the legendary open source/retro handheld Pandora has started. The first devices have already reached their new owners. More info on the official website and on gp32x. Congrats...
  2. sepinho

    Skirmish Wars - Unofficial Advance Wars board game

    Tabletop Advance Wars for the masses! Some geek at.. well.. has adapted Nintendo's classic strategy series Advance Wars as a board game. It's totally free except for eventual printing costs, so grab it quickly before Nintendo sends the inevitalbe C&D letter. You can...
  3. sepinho

    Gaming ISO Manager for the PSP?

    Hey guys, my PSP will arrive some time this week and I've already acquired a few PSP games. Unfortunately, their scene names aren't always blatantly obvious and I really don't want to rename each one of them manually to know which one is which. So is there a tool for the PSP to sort and...
  4. sepinho

    Are Gameboy Flashcards still available anywhere?

    My wife re-discovered her ancient grey, brick-sized Gameboy last night and now I'm wondering if you can still buy flashcards for that beauty. It would be totally awesome to re-live happy childhood memories with Mario Tennis, Super Mario Land and Tetris. Any suggestions where I might be able to...
  5. sepinho

    PS1/2 Did I receive the wrong PS2 Action Replay

    I've recently bought a fairly affordable PS2 slim because of its awesom game library. To fully unleash the power that is the PS2, I ordered an Action Replay Max Evo, which is supposed to contain the Max Media Player needed to install Free MC Boot. When I received the AR last night and booted...
  6. sepinho

    Gaming Wii Homebrew Screenshots needed

    Inspired by GBAtemp amongst other things, I'm currently writing an article on homebrew on Wii Homebrew. Unfortunately, I don't have a USB Gecko, so I can't make any screenshots to illustrate the article. I'm counting on GBAtemp's amazing community to help me out: Could you guys please take...
  7. sepinho

    Hacking Acekard RPG available @ DX

    DX has added AK2's big sister, the full-blown RPG to its portfolio. It's available here for 66 US-$ incl. shipping, which is pretty cheap, at least for Europeans given the current exchange rate. Too bad I've just received my AK 2 a couple of days ago. I might have to pass it on to my girl and...
  8. sepinho

    MARS flashcard

    Browsing DX, I stumbled upon yet another flashcard: The MARS TF Multimedia Adapter Cart for NDS/DS Lite. Manufacturer's website can be found here. What is it? A genuinely new card coming out of nowhere, or another clone? It's got mSD support, so it's obviously not another N-Card clone. It seems...
  9. sepinho

    Hacking Where's the commented global.ini?

    I remember reading something about a commented/translated global.ini that did a better job at explaining all the options than the original one. I thought it was either or but I couldn't find it there. Anybody know who's hosting it?
  10. sepinho

    Homebrew Kick Off 2 on NDS?

    Sensible Soccer is swell, but Kick Off 2 is arguably the greatest football simulation ever. I've played it to death on the Amiga back in the day. And I'm longing for those days. So is there a way to emulate KO2 - the best part of the series - on the DS? I know there's an Atari ST emulator...
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