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    Hacking Who has recieved there Xecuter SX already?

    If you preorder and already received your Xecuter SX then. 1. Who did you order from? 2. What country are you in? 3. How do you like it so far? 4. Did you get ban? If yes then what do you think you did to get ban?
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    Hacking Xecuter SX to pre-order or not?

    Xecuter SW did you buy, or are you waiting? If you did pre-order what do you plan on doing with it. Do you think you will get ban?
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    Gaming Turn base strategy games?

    I finally got a 3ds. I just finish playing battleship. I like turn base strategy games like battleship. What other games are like that I could try? Advance wars was good on old system but don't see new version for 3ds. What games should I try? Thanks
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    ROM Hack 3DS Rom Manager

    Which Rom Manager do people use now? Before I used offlinelist for NDS games but what is best for 3DS games? With up to date dat file. Thanks
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    Hacking Dump Backup 3ds carts

    How do you dump or backup 3ds games? Seen some youtube video they said can be done with gateway but is there any other way to do it? Thinking of getting a sky3ds but if I can not backup my games to load all them on sdcard to use with sky3ds then not much use.
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    Hacking Dump 3ds Carts

    What are the different ways you can Dump original 3ds cart? Thinking of buying Flash Card and would like to dump or backup all original games to put on flash card so would not have to carry around so many. What is the best Flash card now to get for brand new 3ds? Thinking of buying 1st of Feb...
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    Hacking 0979 Purr Pals and 0985 Cake (not working SC Lite)

    0979 Purr Pals is not working on my SuperCard lite with setting from another site. Game will start but when you go to pick Cat screen goes black and stay black. Also 0985 Cake Mania not working, screen comes up but then locks up. I think SuperCard is going to need new updates. Or I'm I doing...
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