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    Can I use the AC original cable on another original dock Nintendo (my friend's dock who have no AC cable)

    i don't think that would happen. the issue back in the day was using a generic USB-C cable on the switch (maybe even the dock?) and there was some sort of amperage/voltage difference from the official Nintendo power adapter. there were also some 3rd party docks released back in the day which had...
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    'Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut' launches next month; includes PS5-specific enhancements

    i got the game a few weeks ago. it has a really weird "bug" where it'll constantly download the same update you already have installed over and over
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    Hacking All of my CFW apps don’t work / are corrupted?

    similar issue here. only time i really bothered starting atmosphere was for a MK8D skin. now i find a save editor app, but crashes. trying to load checkpoint for save backups, and it crashes. just tried to load RetroArch, and it crashes. i just updated checkpoint to latest version and still not...
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    Hardware Hardware modding question (Gamecube Controller)

    so, i've got one of those 3rd party gamecube usb controllers, as well as a somewhat recently made regular controller. the 3rd party usb controller has digital L/R buttons, rather than analog. i took apart the original controller and looked on the board, noticing some of the wires are labeled for...
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    Developer shows off SNES raytracing through the custom-made SuperRT chip

    my first thought process for this and seeing the demo video, Ballz 3D. perfect first example to use with this
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    Hacking HFW and hard drive swap

    so just standard hard drive? that'll save me some money, thanks
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    Hacking HFW and hard drive swap

    so, i just got a PS3 the other day, and by the look of it HFW is my choice. at the same time, i wanna upgrade the storage (going from 120 HDD to 1TB SSD). but with how the system is, i need a firmware update to install to the new storage medium. is it safe to install HFW to what i have now and...
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    Hardware vWii compatible Gamecube Controllers

    so i recently got another Wii U, got my hacking done and it's up and running. but i've got a question for controllers to use on gamecube games. i know in the past i just used a usb connected Dualshock 4, but this time i wanted to look into getting a GC style controller. the only ones i can...
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    Firmware Atmosphère 0.8.8 released, now compatible with firmware 8.0.0

    i have no clue what's going on with mine, but something is amiss. i just updated to 0.8.8, it boots into atmosphere just fine, but it won't load homebrew launcher when i go to albums. i more or less just overwrote the old files, rather than deleting first, so do i need to delete a config file...
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    Gaming Smash update 3.0 is out

    i'm looking at the stage builder, and i can't seem to figure out if it has a grid for placing objects. am i missing where it's located, or did they just remove it altogether? edit: nvm found it. i'm an idjit
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    Nintendo seemingly leaks Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage builder

    Hope i can bring back one concept i enjoyed from Sm4sh, Smashketball
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    Hacking Screenshot unblocker?

    Ok so working on Danganronpa V3, and i tried taking a screenshot during a class trial. Only to have the message that i can't take screenshots, likely to prevent spoilers. Is there a plugin or henkaku setting to disable that?
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    ROM Hack Question Save Editing (Hyrule Warriors)

    so i remember back on Wii U there was a trainer, and eventually a save editor for Hyrule Warriors. i just got my save backed up with Checkpoint, and was curious if anyone's gotten around to possibly using these backups in the same way as the Wii U saves. essentially putting in all materials and...
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    ROM Hack Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Mods Help

    i'm pretty much in the same boat. i'm looking at some conversion guide to port Wii U models to switch, and seems i need the original models ripped from the rom. how would i go around acquiring those? the tutorials for installing seem to indicate the files go on sd card, but idk about them...
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    Hacking getting started, need help

    ok, so i got my switch into RCM with foil method, now i'm ready to put atmosphere onto an sd card. i got one of the official branded microsd cards, put it into my laptop and now it's not showing up in windows. minitool partition reads it as exfat format (which i assume is switch default). i have...
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    Homebrew Checkpoint saves not appearing

    i just got my system back from the Big N after sending it in for repairs. before that i backed up all my saves, and have them copied back to the sd card. but now i'm booting up checkpoint, and it doesn't see my backups anymore. i tried running one game to create a save file, but even that isn't...
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    Hardware N2DSXL Screen Cracked

    so i just opened my system up, decided to play something and i notice my top screen is cracked, with several dead pixels. the only explanation i can think of is having the switch stacked on top of it, and the weight. i really don't want to buy a new system, and it's fairly new and should still...
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    Hacking about to order a flashcart

    So update, the card is coming in tomorrow. So far on TWLoader i've mainly been working on Megaman ZX. I imagine once the card comes in i just transfer my save to the same folder as the rom?
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    Hacking about to order a flashcart

    ok i'll do that then. thanks. how long was the shipping time, if you'd remember?
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    Hacking about to order a flashcart

    with the standard HK airmail? i'm asking cuz that one says free, then the express is 25 bucks
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