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  1. rondoh70

    Homebrew Have both dev and retail firms?

    Hello. I want to try and build some things with the official sdk and test it on my n3ds. Is there a recommended way to use the 3ds as both a dev and retail unit?
  2. rondoh70

    Homebrew 3ds to control an rc car help.

    Hello. For a hackathon I want to control a rc car connected to a pi zero via bluetooth from my 3ds and possibly get a video stream from the pi back to the 3ds (maybe even 3d). First is this even remotely possible with the hardware of a pi zero and is there a known way for the n3ds to play...
  3. rondoh70

    Homebrew Games and apps worth playing with N3DS clock + cache?

    Hello, are there any games and apps that are noticeably better with the N3DS clock and l2 cache? I have already noticed that the camera app actually becomes usable with it.
  4. rondoh70

    Homebrew Is there a good tutorial/ thread that teaches how to code homebrew?

    Helllo. I'm a programmer that would love to try 3ds homebrew, but I have yet to find a guide that explains how to do that. I know basic c++, but I just dont really know how to get started.
  5. rondoh70

    Hacking delete bad tickets?

    Hello. I used tikdevil to download a large number of tickets and installed them with fbi. I am now noticing that many are bad and fail at 99%. Is there a way to clean the ticket database, or can bad tickets be over written?
  6. rondoh70

    Hacking creating cheats?

    Hello, I am interested in creating cheats but I have not found any guides. If anyone knows a guide or can create on that would be wonderful. And I did see an alternative to ntr that was supposed to make debugging easier, but I forgot the name of it.
  7. rondoh70

    Hacking Making a business of hacking 3ds?

    Hello, I am thinking about starting a business of hacking other's 3ds systems as a job. My first question, is it legal to install hax and cfw that allow piracy? Secondly, what should I offer and for what price? I know I'm probably going to do packages that the customer can select from like if...
  8. rondoh70

    Hacking Get around 022-2634 while preserving installed content?

    Hello. I stupidly formatted my emunand, and now receive the 022-2634 error on sysnand. Could I get around this by formatting my sysnand and injecting partition dumps from the current sysnand into the newly formatted sysnand? Like how one would swap emunand and sysnand on a9lh.
  9. rondoh70

    Homebrew How does one boot emunand9 from a9lh/ bootctr9?

    Hello. I am unable to load into EmuNAND9 from bootctr9 using either the .bin or the .3dsx. All goes well until it jumps to payload then freezes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  10. rondoh70

    Homebrew Homepass on latest firm

    Hello. I recently saw a forum on gbatemp talking about changing a config file on the NAND that allows homepass to work on wpa networks. Can anyone link me to this or tell me how to do it?
  11. rondoh70

    Homebrew Possibility of pseudo eshop?

    In theory, would it be possible to create a homebrew eshop that installed cias on cfw?
  12. rondoh70

    Hacking help with a9lh

    Hello. I have gotten my otp and compiled a9lh successfully, then the tutorials became vague. Do I need the bin files from the output or just the 3dsx. What do I do after it's installed? How do I switch from rxtools to aureinand? Is it better to use sysnand or emunand with a9lh?
  13. rondoh70

    Hacking is emunand update safe?

    I'm running 10.3 rxtools. went on eshop and was prompted for an update. I would test it, but i haven't found a clear guide on how to back up and restore the emunand. So has anyone tried this new update?
  14. rondoh70

    Hacking updated mii plaza on emunand?

    I just got emunand running on my 3ds with it updated to latest version. I went to check streetpass and it asks for an update, but can't. can this be fixed by installing a .cia or is it just not possible at this time?
  15. rondoh70

    Gaming Help recovering ambassador games

    I haven't played my 3ds in forever. I updated it and formatted it in order to remove some date errors in notifications. After I formatted I went to the eshop to download some of my old games but I had no downloads available.
  16. rondoh70

    Internet help needed

    Any help would be great. My modem periodically drops my internet connection(1-5 times a day sometimes 15-20). I have contacted my ISP and we have gone through most of the logical solutions and are still incapable of finding the issue. If any one here has any ideas it would be great.
  17. rondoh70

    Hacking Exploit in youtube, might lead to something?

    Using the exploit in this forum: Would it be possible to create a .mp4 video with code in that somehow exploits the 3ds? I've noticed that if the player tries to load a certain video type( I can't remeber...
  18. rondoh70

    Hacking pmt question?

    What are the chances of bricking your xbox liteon drive if you screw up a pmt?
  19. rondoh70

    Hacking Who's left in the scence?

    I'm wondering who's left in the hacking scene? It looks like Niemod stopped sharing details on the 3ds, yellows8 needs another 3ds, and the only guy posting on 3dbrew is 3DSguy. Does that mean 3dsguy is the only active member of the 3ds scene?
  20. rondoh70

    Hacking 3dBrew Blacklist?

    I am unable to sign up at 3dBrew because of a Blacklist. Is this just a temporary way to stop the spam?
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