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  1. pofer

    Homebrew Did anyone find out why... (Downgrade softbrick)

    Did anyone find out why some people always softbricked their consoles while downgrading without formatting first ? As some of us experienced it , while downgrading everything seemed to install just fine using sysupdate but you always ended up with a softbrick no matter what you tried In my...
  2. pofer

    Homebrew Sysupdater NDS firmware downgrade

    So, I wanna make a 100% sure I don't fuck up so I'm gonna ask a question here. I'm trying to install the 0004013800000102.cia file since my Flashcart is an Acekard2i I'm stuck at this step:
  3. pofer

    Hacking Remove NNID from the emunand without access to it

    So this is a problem a friend is facing Basically , he had an emunand set up , but out of nowhere it stopped working , so he decided to update that 3DS since he had another one hacked anyway Now he mentioned me that he is trying to link his NNID but it says that is has been used already on...
  4. pofer

    Hacking Emunand Friend List error

    This ain't my problem, But I'd like to hear what you guys say. My friend says that he isn't able to see if someone is online , nor people can see him online but those that use CFW The question is, does only people with CFW can play with other users who use CFW ? Or is there something that he's...
  5. pofer

    Hacking Can't add Friend Codes

    This ain't my problem, But I'd like to hear what you guys say. My friend says that he isn't able to add anyone that doesn't have CFW The question is, does only people with CFW can add another console with CFW ? Or is there something that he's doing wrong ? Any help is appreciated
  6. pofer

    Homebrew DLCs won't show up(cia)

    So this is a problem a friend is describing to me, since I have no idea of what causes the problem I thought I'd ask her He says that , He's trying to install some DLCs (smash Bros in this case) , but he had bought some of those DLCS first (Ryu and mewtwo) , but now that he installs the cia...
  7. pofer

    Hacking yet another noob question, ABG_FIRM related

    I'm trying to install the modified Cia file, but whenever I hit install I get "Install failed" - "Description_invalid_signature" What do I have to do? Do I need to run Rxmode on my sysnand? or can I do it by simply loading it from the HBL? Just wanna make sure hahahaha
  8. pofer

    Homebrew Noob question, HBL Loader cia

    whenever I launch the cia version of the HBL it always says: "downloading the payloads" and it just craches if it doesn't find a wifi connection, is there a way to fix it? or do I have to be connected to the internet whenever I wanna launch it?
  9. pofer

    Hacking HBL cia

    So I remember that they announced a HBL.cia file a couple of days ago, thing is that I didn't mind at all about it since I was just starting with the CFW stuff, can anyone give me a zelda or a lead to where I can find it? =) and also, will it affect me if I already have ctrbootmanager as my...
  10. pofer

    Hacking H&S app missing after sysnand format

    So yeah, I injected BBM to my sysnand's H&S app (that's what the tutorial told me to do) , and everything was running smoothly Until, I decided to unlink my nands , so I went ahead and formated my sysnand , what came to my surprise is that the H&S app on my sysnand is completely gone , I...
  11. pofer

    Hacking Installation Data Suite: Instalation failed , Help!

    OK, I've been trying to overcome this error for the last 3 days in a row and have yet to solve it!, so does anyone know what causes it and how to fix it? before you ask: o3DS runing 9.2 sysnand and 10.3 Emunand Yes, Im able to boot in my emunand but I always have to deal with that instalation...
  12. pofer

    Hacking RxTools: installation data suite, instalation failed using both 3.0 and 2.6 vers.

    whenever I try to install any of those 2 versions: 2.6 comes up with a X during the first load up 3.0 always end up in "instalation failed" does anyone knows what do I have to do to overcome this? *some notes Yes, I have placed the Firm folder at the Rxtools Folder in my sd card (using 3.0)...
  13. pofer

    Hacking Can I harm my system if I format my...?

    My Emunand and Sysnand now that I have installed CFW ? I tried to install rxtools, although it boots me to my Emunand , it always has to do an "initial set up " but it always gets an X half way through and says everything is all right I also installed pasta CFW (which works , but I'd like to...
  14. pofer

    Homebrew is it safe to just format my emunand? and pasta CFW question

    I want to start my CFW process from scratch, is it safe to just format the emunand using the Gateway .dat file? NVM about the Pasta CFW question, found out how
  15. pofer

    Homebrew Need some help with RxTools

    I already google everywhere for an answer , but no one seems to know what this is/ how it gets fixed, well, I'm trying to install FBI, through RxTools, But it always show up this message: Error: Couldn't find H&S TMD/content can anyone shine a light on my eyes and tell what I have to do...
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