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  1. SuperMarioBrosWiiheeeeeee

    Homebrew GBARunner2 Having Graphical Issues with Aria of Sorrow

    Basically when I try to run Aria of Sorrow, thees a weird border on one side, and sometimes random bright colors. I was just wondering if it's just me because the site din't say it had graphical issues. If there's a solution that'd be greatly appreciated :)
  2. SuperMarioBrosWiiheeeeeee

    Hardware Wii System Files are Corrupted After Health and Safety

    I recently got a Wii off of ebay, it had no video. From what I know it wasn't modded. Well I fixed the video output, but it says the system files are corrupted after I click A on the startup screen. It runs in maintenance mode, and I tried formatting it there, but it kept formatting for about an...
  3. SuperMarioBrosWiiheeeeeee

    Homebrew 3ds Update

    i have a modded o3ds but when i go to my friends list it says it has to update. Im afraid this update will brick my 3ds since nintendo has done that with the wii. Should i update this or not?
  4. SuperMarioBrosWiiheeeeeee

    Homebrew TWiLight Menu++ & DSiWare

    Hi, I was wondering how I can load DSiWare off of TWiLight since I saw a DSiWare folder. I extracted DSiWare .nds files on that folder but they don't appear. Can someone guide me on what to do? Thanks :)
  5. SuperMarioBrosWiiheeeeeee

    Homebrew Classic Controller with Super Mario Galaxy

    Hi, I know of the DKC and NSMBW classic controller hacks, but has someone made a patch or hack for Super Mario Galaxy? If so where can I find it? Thanks
  6. SuperMarioBrosWiiheeeeeee

    Homebrew NTR Crashes After Update

    NTR CFW Selector Crashes after I installed a 3ds update yesterday. It gives me this message: #Firmware unknown #Detected firm 2.56 What can I do to fix this? Thanks, wiiheeeee
  7. SuperMarioBrosWiiheeeeeee

    Homebrew Recording DSiXL Games

    delete this pls
  8. SuperMarioBrosWiiheeeeeee

    Homebrew Homebrew Browser Crashing

    Homebrew Browser starts up fine, but once I scroll down too saysfar it says an exception occurred. It also won't let me download anything. How can I fix this? Help is appreciated, thanks!
  9. SuperMarioBrosWiiheeeeeee

    Hardware N3DSXL Capture

    I know about methods such as NTR CFW and they're great, but I don't have strong WiFi which makes it really slow. I do know that before Katsukity closed, they offered services for installing capture cards on New 3DS XLs and I was wondering if it is possible to do this yourself, and if so how...
  10. SuperMarioBrosWiiheeeeeee

    Homebrew Bowser's Inside Story & Dragon Quest V AP

    Hi. I was loading my DSi games on to TWLoader/DSiMenu++, but the Dragon Quest V and Bowser's Inside Story AP still works, yet I see that on the latest release of DSiMenu that these games are already compatible. Contra 4 and other games worked fine. Can I patch this somehow? Thanks in advance.
  11. SuperMarioBrosWiiheeeeeee

    Homebrew 3DS Custom Theme Help

    So I made a theme using Usagi Theme Editor, saved body_lz.bin and all that, but my theme just comes out as nothing and it's just the default 3DS theme. What can I do to fix this? I uploaded a picture of the folder...
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