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  1. alphenor

    I Feel Like Chatting For A Day

    It has never happened to me before that I wish to talk/type whatever comes into my mind (this is included in those).... maybe it's because I've been online here for 4 hours already and my grade school friends are communicating with me in Facebook (no trolling with that please)... Sorry if I...
  2. alphenor

    i badly want to know japanese

    I really do want to learn japanese but I don't much have time. Can you suggest a place somewhere over the internet where I can learn japanese? Thanks a lot.
  3. alphenor

    I'm Bored...

    I really hate boredom and my day becomes ruined when I feel it. Suggest me something easy to do, but not too easy that I will get bored and not too hard that I will look for another thing to do. >_
  4. alphenor

    Gaming DotA 2 rumors

    I've heard and read of DotA 2 rumors recently, being a project of Valve (the one behind Counter Strike) and all.. Is it really ongoing, or already abandoned? I have come up of the question because I didn't hear anymore updates from the sites... And if it is finished, will you try it? I would...
  5. alphenor

    I want to watch one piece

    I badly need to watch one piece online, and there's a lot of sites in google search... can you point me to good quality and at moderate buffering??
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