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  1. grubbymitts

    I'm not leaving

    I'm not leaving. This place is still fine. A few too many emo kids and wussy tarts, but generally it's okay. You don't have to say goodbye to me. You may still all call me a dick though, if it turns you on.
  2. grubbymitts

    Homebrew The Snowman by Checkpoint

    Merry Christmas, Tempers! Enjoy this demo of The Snowman by Checkpoint. I've had it running on an R4 so it should work with most flashcarts. Download The Snowman by Checkpoint Original thread
  3. grubbymitts

    Cyclos DS Evo Firmware 1.61

    After a bit of badgering, the Cyclo Team have got around to releasing 1.61 of their firmware. Official changelog: Change log ---------- - v1.61 (22/12/2010) * Numerous game compatibility fixes including 5267, 5284 Official download site Filetrip mirror
  4. grubbymitts

    Brakken Suicide Bid

    Has this already been posted?
  5. grubbymitts

    Gaming PSP Pandora Deluxe 2.3 problem

    Hi, hope you can help. I have a PSP 2003 Slim & Lite. I bought myself a Datel Max battery changer - it changes your PSP battery into a TOOL battery and back again at the press of a button. This seems to work a treat - green light comes on and PSP waits for a memory card to be inserted. I...
  6. grubbymitts

    Hacking Gecko OS question

    Okay, apologies if this has been asked before. I believe that if you run a disc through Gecko OS it stops the Wii updating from that disc. I haven't got a modchip, nor do I want one, but I do have firmware 3.2e on my Wii and want to keep it as long as possible - for, er, obvious reasons...
  7. grubbymitts

    Hardware Wierd broken wii

    I now have two wiis because this happened on my birthday and I was damned if I was going to wait for a repair when there was a shiny copy of Mario Kart to play. So, here's the story. I have an unmodded wii. The only "dodgy" thing I'd ever done on it was run the twilight hack and played on the...
  8. grubbymitts

    Google offers Free Wifi Broadband

    Today, April 1st, Google announced Free Wifi available to everyone in the world. Hurry, offer ends 12pm. well, I know what date it is today. I wonder how many people don't and try to sign up. LOL.
  9. grubbymitts

    Hacking New Ewin2 Software. Tony Hawks Downhill Jam

    Woo, new software for Ewin2. THDJ now works. Official site is slow so: G.
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