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    Hacking USB Hard Drive conversion question

    I'm looking to convert the current USB hard drive that I'm using from the native Wii U format to FAT32 for several reasons, chief among them being so that I can make it easier to install games and open up storage. However, I don't want to lose all the games that I already have currently...
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    Hacking CBHC locking up Wii U upon reset

    I have CHBC installed on my Wii U and when I set it to automatically load Mocha CFW upon system start up, every time I exit a game or application, the Wii U goes back into CHBC and attempts to reload Mocha CFW again causing it to lock up in the loading screen before going the system menu. Is...
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    Hacking Issue with returning to home menu after installing CHBC

    So I installed CHBC recently and set it to automatically boot into Mocha CFW upon system startup. Everything seems to be working okay, except whenever I exit a game and try to return to the home screen/menu, the Wii U just stalls on the loading screen and doesn't go any further. Anyone else...
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    Homebrew HID to VPAD + Retroarch?

    Has anybody found a way to get these two to work together somehow? I would very much like to use my iBuffalo USB Gamepad in Retroarch. Going back through the homebrew launcher just returns me to the HID to VPAD application.
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    Hacking Is there a comprehensive guide to using/creating Sm4sh mods?

    I'm looking into modding Sm4sh and I got Sm4shexplorer and the beginning steps but I need to know stuff like what goes where and how to create content and so on. Can anybody point me to where there is a guide that explains everything on how to mod Sm4sh?
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    Homebrew Trying to invert vertical aim in Qrevpak

    I have Qrevpak set up on my Wii U's Vwii, and I'm playing with a Classic Controller, but the right stick which is used to aim has inverted up and down controls and I'm trying to set them the right way. I've tried going into config.cfg and inverting m_pitch which doesn't work, and I've tried...
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    Hacking Setting up Emunand in USB Loader GX in vWii

    So I've been trying to set up an emulated nand to run in USB Loader GX lately, I've dumped the vWii nand to my SD card, but I can't get any wads that I add to the nand afterwards to run. It just returns me to the loader. I've tried using this guide as well to set up SNEEK in vWii...
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    Hacking Can I use the same hard drive I use for vWii to use for Wii U backups?

    Right now I have a 1tb hard drive set up to run Wii/Gamecube backups with a lot of extra space not being used at the moment. Currently the drive is set up and hidden so that I can use it in USB Loader GX on vWii. But I would like to load Wii U backups as well, not having any other usb drives...
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    Homebrew Is anybody making any emulators that aren't Retroarch?

    I don't know what possessed someone to think that using Retroarch is a good idea, but it is just a non-stop pain in the ass emulator to use on the Wii U, or PC, or anything you put Retroarch on for that matter. Is there anyone working on a standalone FCEU GX or SNES9x or any other emulator that...
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    Hacking Is anybody actively working on improving NAND emulation?

    Like a new version of D2X or neek or any of the backup loaders that utilize NAND emulation to fix the problems that have been plaguing it for months like the inability to launch larger VC games, use Wifi, fix issues with certain Wiiware games? Or are we all sitting here with our thumbs up our...
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    Hacking neek2o WBFS loading not working

    I have a few games in my games folder on my USB drive and one game in my WBFS folder. If I try to load the WBFS game, neek2o just chokes and I'm unable to do anything further. I can't load the DI menu. I have the correct structure as stated in this thread. I'm loading my games through Wii...
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    Hacking Transferring Saves from Regular NAND to Emulated NAND

    I had some issues with my emulated NAND running through neek2o. Some Wii games weren't running on it, so I had to start over and create a fresh NAND for neek2o to use. The NAND I dumped from my Wii wasn't working properly with neek2o. Now I need to transfer over my saves from my regular...
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    Hacking I'm overwhelmed. Need some advice/guidance/recommendations

    As you're reading this, please keep in mind, that I am not new to hacking/homebrew as I've had my Wii softmodded for about 3 years now, but I've kinda been playing catch up with the scene lately and I've just gotten into using NAND emulation, so just bear with me if I got my information wrong or...
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    Hacking USB Loader GX - Ocarina codes do not work on VC games

    I have a bunch of VC games loaded onto my emulated nand through USB Loader GX mod r1166. I'm able to download ocarina codes for some of them, but I can't apply them to the game. The GCT file gets created, I turn ocarina on in the loader settings, but when I load the game, the cheats aren't...
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    Hacking USB Loader GX Mod r1156 theme creation

    I'm looking into creating themes for USB Loader GX mod r1156. I've downloaded a few themes off of spiffy through USBGX, but the one part of the loader that themes do not cover is the channel mode that displays the banners instead. You can see that when you apply a theme in r1156 and switch to...
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    Homebrew FCEUGX, SNES9XGX, VBAGX, Genesis Plus GX unable to read DVDs

    Recently I've been trying to get my roms run off of a DVD so I can free up some space on my SD card but have been getting several problems. At first the disc wasn't reading, but I believe I resolved that issue by burning the disc the correct way in ISO 9660 format. When I tried to read the...
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    Hacking Looking for mymenu templates

    I was searching on the internet for tutorials on how to make themes for mymenuify and I had come across a link to some templates here. Problem is, this link is dead. Does anyone have this file or a template for system menu 4.2 that they can upload? EDIT: Never mind, I found what I was looking...
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    Hacking Priiloader not letting Wii power off completely.

    I'm assuming this is an issue with Priiloader but I'm not entirely sure. I have Priiloader installed on my Wii, and if I have Wiiconnect24 turned on on my system and power the system off, the menu will go away, but there is still a black screen and a signal being sent to my TV from the Wii. Is...
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    Hacking Can't install preloader

    So I've been trying to install preloader on my system, and I keep getting the "failed to get root, current IOS(36) has the fakesign bug fixed." error. Come to find out that like an idiot, I left Wiiconnect24 on and the system updated itself to 4.1. However, I ran signcheck and it said that the...
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    Hacking Is there any way to unbrick a Wii without using a CD/DVD/Disc media?

    First of all, yes I know. Precautions, research on the internet, be more careful not to brick your Wii, blah blah blah. Ok now that I've gotten all that out of the way, here's my situation. Currently my Wii is bricked (System Menu 3.4U). At the moment, it shows the health warning screen...
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