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  1. n00bsaib0t

    Playstation Classic Autobleem 0.9.0 issues

    So to start, my flashdrive is 128gb, some sort of tiny sandisk brand, formatted to fat32 and it was working with no issues at all via OTG cable up until about an hour ago. I added a couple MAME roms to it and now when I try to start Autobleem I get the "Starting Evolution UI" message then the...
  2. n00bsaib0t

    Hacking Play eshop titles from one 3DS on another using CFW?

    Hey, sorry if this is already detailed in another thread. I did try searching and couldn’t find anything that didn’t involve downloading roms or using freeshop. I have two 3DSes, one modded one unmodded. I would love to be able to play my eshop purchases, there’s somewhere around 90 of them, on...
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