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  1. roguefan99

    ROM Hack Super Smash Brothers 12.0 save, or way to extract from Emunand on PC

    Oh, I just had my old Switch die on me and luckily enough I have a second sitting here. Set up the Emunand on the old one but of course I cant just transfer this over. I'm cool with losing my old saves for most of my games, but I regularly play Smash Bros with my kids and I don't really feel...
  2. roguefan99

    Gaming Halloween is coming, what DS games know this?

    Okay I remember there used to be a few games (Animal Crossing) that when I special day came around they changed the game slightly. Halloween is coming so I was wondering if anyone had a list of DS games that "change" when Halloween is listed as the date in the DS?
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