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    Hacking Game carts not working after updating to 9.0.1 Atmosphere

    Hi All, I just updated my switch to 9.0.1 with the latest atompshere but I can't play my game carts, nsps still work fine though, is there a fix for this?
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    Hacking EZ Flash Omega not working on my GB Micro after latest update

    Hi Guys, so I bought this EZ Flash Omega around launch and it's worked fine on all my GBA's. I updated to the latest version since I heard it was more stable and had better battery life. Everything went fine, works on my SP, GBA, and DS Lite but when I went to play it on my GB Micro it won't...
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    Hacking Ez Flash Omega not working on Micro after latest update

    Hey guys so I've had my Ez Flash Omega since launch and it's worked just fine, today I decided to update it to the latest firmware and it works on my AGS-101 and my AGB but it won't boot up on my Micro, anyone else having this issue? This card worked just fine before the update too. I tried...
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    Hacking Random Crashes on EZ Flash Omega

    Hey guys so I bought my EZ Flash Omega about a month ago and I've been loving it, I've noticed since the latest update I keep getting random crashes, Usually rebooting or taking the cart in and out fixes but it is annoying to lose progress. Anyone else experiencing this? Also I saw a thread...
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    Hacking Need help with Luma not booting

    Hi guys so I have a New 3ds XL Sysnand 9.2 Emunand 11.6. I've been using Luma 6.6 and wanted to update I followed this guide to install bootstrap but now when I select Luma it won't load in. Is it because I'm using Menuhax loader and it defaults to the Homebrew Launcher, from there I select...
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    Hacking How do I inject GBA games if my health&safety app is missing from my home screen?

    So I looked into injecting GBA games and have no trouble doing it in Emunand due to FBI being installed but I can't install FBI on my NAND because the Health and Safety App is missing, am I screwed?
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    Hacking Help with FBI on sysNand

    Ok so I was trying to install FBI on my sysNand on my N3ds XL but after it dumped it the Health and Safety app is just gone, I really need to install GBA cias to my sysNand and I don't know any other way to do it.
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    Hacking Does anyone have good settings for GBA Emulator?

    So I'm using a N3DS XL with Luma and I have the GBA emulator installed, now I know I could install .cia gba games but for some reason they don't install to sysnand just emunand so I was wondering if anyone has good settings for the gba emulator, no matter what I do there always seems to be this...
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    Hacking What's the best GBA emulator?

    So I have a N3DS XL and I'd like to play some GBA games, are there any good emulators?
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    Hacking Help with CIA Themes and Luma3ds

    Ok so before I begin, N3DS XL SysNand 9.2, EmuNand= Latest. SysNand and Emunand are Unlinked I'm on the latest build of Luma 3ds and it works great but every time I install a new theme via CIA it overwrites all of my themes! Also when I download a game update it also deletes all of my CIA...
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    Hacking Question about FBI

    Alright so I have FBI installed onto my Health and Safety app, my question is, is there a way to update the FBI installer?
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    Hacking Few questions about switching to Luma 3ds CFW

    Ok so currently I'm using reinand on a Sysnand 9.2 N3DSXL with emuNand on the latest firmware, I've heard nothing but good things about luma so I wanted to switch, my concern is would have to reinstall all of the games I already have installed on reinand? Also how would the replacing of the cfw...
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    ROM Hack question about updating neo x

    Ok so I have Neo X installed as a cia (1.33) I keep getting an update nag though, is it safe to update this game or should I just ignore the update?
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    Hacking I need help with installing Pokemon Blue

    OK so I got the .cia files for blue, red and yellow, I installed it through FBI as usual it shows up but when I go to play it, it just freezes on the 3ds logo. I've installed plenty of games but for some reason these won't work. I'm on sysNand 9.2 and 10.6 emuNand on a N3DS XL, am I doing...
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    Hacking Is the new update safe with N3DS Emunand and ReiNand?

    I saw that there's a new update today does anyone know if ReiNand works on this new update using emunand? I'm on N3ds btw. thanks.
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    Hacking question about action replay or devices of that nature

    Hi so I have a question, I have pokemon AS and I just wanna hack in some pokemon (I play offline only) I have a N3ds on SysNand on 9.2 and Emunand 10.5 I have reinand installed would I need an action replay or is there another way to do it?
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    Hacking help with SD card emunand transfer on N3ds

    Ok so I transfered my emunand using the stickied guide on the front page of the boards, now everything works fine on my 128gb pny micro sd, everything transfered over and I can even install cia files, the problem is when I try using Bigbluemenu or Terraria Editor it'll give me a "an error has...
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    Hacking reiNAND noob question.

    So I successfully downgraded my N3DSXL to 9.2 and downloaded the latest reiNAND, but how am I supposed to launch it? I try to launch it with HBL and I only get a black screen.
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    Hacking Help with N3DS downgrade

    Ok so I just got a N3dsXL and I want to downgrade it and install reiNAND I'm on sysNand 9.9.0-26U trying to downgrade to 9.2.0-20U I got the 9.2.0-20u(Full) zip from that ISO site now the MD5 for 9.2.0-2U should be e5f40c3b155cfd12ef38be35d2e81d2e but I'm getting...
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    Hacking Upgrading to New Nintendo 3ds xl just a few questions.

    Ok so I have the O3DS XL and its got Rxtools on it, I want to upgrade to a New N3DSXL so I have a few questions before taking the plunge. 1)Can the N3ds be downgraded? 2)Can I install CFW and Run CIA's? (Which CFW should I use?) 3) Can I install emuNand and update it to the latest firmware...
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