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  1. daniel556

    Hacking HELP!! For the love of god HELP!! RGH1.2 Nightmare!

    Hi, I'm RGHing my Xbox 360 Jasper for the first time (and yeah I'm not great at soldering either) anyway I've soldered the wires for the JR Programmer, plugged it in (xbox plugged in not powered on) and the lights are NOT flashing Hmmm.. So I tried to read it anyway and get this: Version: 10...
  2. daniel556

    Hacking Can Custom Firmware Change Game Quality?

    Hi, After my Gf's constant whining that I have "Damaged" her 3DS XL (New style) because I have put on custom firmware so she can have any game she wants (yeah, still not good enough lol) she thinks that the games "Quality" has degraded? I know a few PC games "Degraded" overtime and also...
  3. daniel556

    Hacking Jasper +Zephyr Jtag/RGH HELP!!

    Hi, I've got a Jasper 2009 2.0.16756 and a Zephyr 2.0.17150 (drive doesn't work so would rather use Jasper) and I want to Jtag or RGH one. I've read the guides and apart from spending 3 days with 600+ tabs open lol I'm getting pretty confused. (Also is it OK to update these beforehand) Now I...
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