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  1. MelonSpeedruns

    Hacking WiiU Virtual Console finally fixed! [No More dark filter, and widescreen support!]

    Hey guys! Recently, I found out a few things about the VC software of the WiiU. First of all, since the recent breakout of hacking the iQue Player, we were able to dump the ROMs of that Chinese console. Surprisingly enough, the chinese roms worked perfectly in the VC emulator! (Thanks Jhynjhi...
  2. MelonSpeedruns

    Hardware Custom Amiibo Cards Design

    Hello everyone! I recently started doing a collection of amiibos, and I wanted to have them in card form too, so I started making custom designs for those. Since I'm a beginner at image editing, I'd really like if you could give me your honest opinion on those, along with a few tips on how to...
  3. MelonSpeedruns

    GCN Wind Waker HUD Discoveries

    Hello fellow hackers, I recently found some really useful values while trying to make a 60 FPS hack for Wind Waker. I was able to change the HUD size to be not stretched anymore when using a 16:9 Widescreen code. The result look like this: I still have to fix some issues with the minimap...
  4. MelonSpeedruns

    Hacking [Loadiine] Zelda OoT: Four Swords Arena Edition

    Hey everyone. I and @Psi-hate are working on a mod that allows up to 4 players play at once. We edited the camera to allow a top-down view to make it more akin to Four-Swords. This mod allows up to 4 Links to solve a series of dungeons. The dungeons are themed like the original 3 dungeons of...
  5. MelonSpeedruns

    Hacking Virtual Console Game Icons - Request your icons here!

    Hey guys! I recently started doing some Photoshop, and i'd like to share some of my work with you. I basically did some icons for the Virtual Console titles, injected or not, for Loadiine. If you guys want me to do an icon in particular, you have to request your icon here...
  6. MelonSpeedruns

    Hacking Injecting a Compressed Zelda MQ Debug ROM into Gamecube's Majora's Mask

    Hello everybody! I'm new here! Recently, I got the idea of injecting the Zelda MQ Debug ROM into the gamecube version of Majora's Mask. But, the Debug ROM was 64mb so I had to compress it down to 32mb by using a tool. The ROM worked perfectly on both PJ64 and Nemu64. I tried injecting the ROM...
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