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    Donald Trump announces he has COVID-19

    As far as I know he got meds that also very likely prevented the body to create an immunity to it. That's at least what I have been told. So probably not.
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    Hacking Banners/icon templates for Wii VC

    i hope these are ok.
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    PS1/2 Moving/Copying ePSXe memory card saves to actual PS1 memory card?

    Try this: on step 3 open your ePSXe memcard file instead of a single savegame and continue from there with step 4
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    Hacking [Tools] AmiiBomb

    If I remember correctly i used the sketch with the MFRC522 library version 1.3.6 and it worked for me.
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    Hardware Does freakyhax still work?

    On n3DS EUR yes.
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    Hardware My Switch Died. Today.

    Did you try to force off the switch? (Hold the On/off button for a few seconds) Then turn it on.
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    Hardware Nintendo Switch Emulating Amiibos

    Hey, yes they work. My custom 20 Hearts Wolf Link Amiibo works in BotW on the Switch
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    Hacking Devolution - Public Release

    I have a problem i dump pso 1&2 with cleanrip2 (and verify it). After moving it to the games folder, i start the devolution loader. I load the game with my classic pro controller. Now the drive light flash 2 times and i enter my pso disk. Now i hear it read and than happens nothing. The screen...
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