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    Hacking New Super Mario Bros Wii - black screen

    Hello all I get a black screen after launch (USB Loader GX) connected by component cable. I've tried both NTSC and PAL versions of the game and both have the same problem. All my other games are working. It used to work for me and I don't think I've changed any settings, apart from before I was...
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    Hacking Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush - Won't save

    Hello Rubik's Puzzle Galaxy: Rush creates a save file but when you go back to play it, the save file has gone. This is using NEEK, and I've tried emuNAND save as partial and full and both have the same problem. This particular game also takes a really long time to load (using 2.5" HDD) and I...
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    Hacking Mario Super Sluggers in PAL60

    Please does anyone know if there's a way I can get Mario Super Sluggers in PAL60 as I get just a black screen or a garbled grey rolling display with just lines if I change some game launch settings. NTSC works OK but with the dreaded red screen (rgb scart cable on CRT TV)
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    Hacking Running Starblade on PAL

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    [Request] Super Runabout (Japan) Dreamcast (Selfboot CDI)

    Hello all! Please can anyone please help me get Super Runabout (Japan) selfboot CDI (NOT GDI) It was released by frosty here are the details: Thank you to all
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